The 5 Most Popular Holiday Table Pieces From Our Shop

Hosting a memorable holiday gathering comes down to nailing the details, from the guest list to the wine list.

Our favorite holiday party details always have to do with setting the table. There’s something about a beautiful tablescape that makes guests feel treasured, welcomed and at ease. We’re sharing five chic and shockingly affordable pieces for the holiday table that have been best-sellers in The Shop over the past few winter seasons. Take a look and get inspired…

Linen Table Runner

The Well-Wrinkled Linen Runner | A soft, wrinkly linen runner like this one adds so much character to any table. Use it as a base for an elaborate centerpiece or as a simple, rustic layer to make any meal cookbook-cover worthy. CHECK OUT

Brass Inlay Cheese Board | A bit of brass dresses up this classic marble board for the ultimate serving board. Check out our favorite crudite boards in town here to dress this up with.  CHECK OUT

tiered Essex Servers | We love these tiered serving pieces for an almost instant buffet or elaborate centerpiece. Adding height saves space too – which means more apps! CHECK OUT

Ikebana Flower Frog | Think you can’t arrange your own flowers? Think again. These Japanese flower “frogs” hide in the bottom of a vase to stabilize stems and make floral arranging a breeze.  CHECK OUT

the Farmhouse Bell Teak Board | Is there such a thing as too many cutting boards? We love a board like this one for prepping and serving just about everything. The bell shape and well-seasoned wood makes this teak piece both modern and cozy.  CHECK OUT

Pick up more pro secrets for building a beautiful holiday table here.

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