Jill Platner is an incredible female artist out of NYC who specializes in jewelry and sculpture. Her work is handmade down the street from her Soho storefront using the highest quality metals and traditional artisan methods. When you wear her pieces, you feel like you’re wearing a piece of art — because you are.

At the heart of Jill’s design philosophy is a sense of movement inspired by both nature and city life (we imagine there’s plenty to work with in NYC). This organic inspo plus the technical prowess of Jill’s in-house team of artists gives each piece modern edge and intrigue with timeless appeal.

From her sustainable and low-impact production process (actual anvil included) to the small but meaningful ways she lives well daily (hint: homemade green juice and turmeric water), Jill is dishing on her life and work as an artist in New York with our In The Studio interview…

To get the creative juices flowing I...

Take some quiet time out in nature – swimming in the ocean or walking on the beach.

Daily necessity:

Homemade green juice and turmeric water.

My favorite current project is:

David Byrne’s Reasons To Be Cheerful. (He shares positive news and some of his favorite reasons to be cheerful.) www.reasonstobecheerful.world

Favorite object in the studio:

My gorgeous and extremely functional anvil, a gift from an old friend, which I use and adore on a daily basis (It’s my daily helper to make so many of the jewels!!!!!) We also hang our aprons on these beautiful wooden hooks made by our friend at Live Wire Farm. He carves them by hand with local hardwoods up in Vermont – this everyday object has been made so special by hands we love!

Latest inspirations:

We’ve gotten so many requests for unique commitment and wedding bands, that I’ve been super inspired to work on new designs. When I do engagement and wedding bands for people, I always feel so lucky to be a tiny part of people’s love declarations to each other.

Soundtrack in the studio:

Music is always on in my studio; it energizes and inspires me. I love WKCR-FM 89.9 (Columbia University’s student-run radio station) especially when they honor one of my favorite artists with a 24-hr birthday broadcast – this weekend they will celebrate Billy Holiday! Prince, David Bowie, and Stevie Wonder are generally in rotation most days too.

Most common visitors to the studio:

My dog, Gracie, often has her best friends over for doggie play dates, and they romp around all day while we make jewels. It’s very joyous to see them having such fun!

Favorite spots in the neighborhood:

I happen to be very lucky that my favorite neighborhood spots are owned by my friends! Within two blocks I can eat delicious food at Il Buco, get the best haircut ever at Suite 303, and march over to Maria Cornejo to complete my look with her chic, effortless clothing.

Other artists inspiring me right now:

We are very honored to have a pour painting by Holton Rower in the showroom right now. He constantly inspires me with his incredibly prolific body of work and extreme dedication. He is really awe inspiring!

When I’m not in the studio I am here:

The Union Square Farmers Market scoring fresh veggies, or out walking Gracie and disconnecting from all devices.

My art supply obsession:

Neon pink gaffer tape is a supply must. I also have a couple of new hammers I’m obsessed with because they are the perfect weight and size for many hours spent on the anvil.

Favorite art galleries / museums in the city:

The Noguchi Museum in Long Island City.

Organizational item I can’t live without:

I have a few of these antique storage units, which I found on the street. They are old machinist tool chests that are perfect for keeping the many, many small parts I work with in order!

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