Steak, Butter, Wine: 3 Insanely Good Sustainable Foodie Gifts

Steak, butter, wine; not wellness foods you say? We disagree!

Eating a traditional, whole foods diet has everything to with quality and these three subscription foodie gifts understand that to a T. Skip the fruit tower this year and check out these meaningful foodie subscription gifts from grass-fed steaks to clean wines that support responsible agriculture, humane animal practices and small farms.

butcher’s box: This subscription delivery service of grass-fed, responsibly and humanely raised meats is changing the game for healthy carnivores. Black Friday through Cyber Monday, new Butcher’s Box subscribers receive their impressive Ultimate Steak Sampler (2 Ribeyes, 2 NY Strips, and 2 Filet Mignons) or $100 of free wine from Dry Farm Wines, another service we respect (learn more below!). Get the Cyber Monday deal here

Dry Farm Wines: Organic and responsibly-crafted wines on subscription? Yes, please! Dry Farm Wines has made a name for themselves by carefully curating bottles from vineyards that get it. Clean wines matter, but so many of us farmers market-types forget this! Grab $100 in free wine deliveries for black frida

Banner Butter: Didn’t think a wellness site like us would ever recommend a regular subscription of butter? Just like grass-fed meat, the nutritional profile of grass-fed butter far exceeds it’s conventional counterparts. This butter program includes seasonal deliveries in flavors appropriate to your current cooking, think Roasted Garlic and Dark Chocolate for winter and Lavender Butter and Lemon Chive for spring. Check out the gift subscription here

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