Wellness Essentials for a weekend away

it’s happened to all of us. We’re headed to the beach for the weekend and, despite our appearance in little more than a bathing suit for 48 hours, have little plans to keep up on our wellness routine. Sound familiar?

These are our best tips for what to pack to keep that nutrition plan strong – even between the inevitable s’mores or rounds of frose. There are ways to handle it all discreetly so that you’re not ‘that houseguest’ or bunkmate if your travel crew isn’t all on the same wellness wavelength!

As far as fitness goes, you’re on your own: that’s what those long strips of sand and endless sea are for: dive in, go for a run and have fun.


Bullet blender | No blender at your destination for daily smoothies? Pack up this mini and go. Use the bullet to fill nutritional gaps – a breakfast shake or an afternoon smoothie will help keep all the celebratory foods in balance. No room for a bullet? The Aerolatte will fit in the smallest of bags and offer just the right amount of whirl.  CHECK OUT
Probiotics, Enzymes, Hcl pills | Eating sandy food is a summer must, but with the potential of new dishes disrupting your digestion, plan on keeping probiotics, enzymes and HCL capsules on hand to provide direct support to your gut. CHECK OUT
Protein Powder | Pack the powders that’ll let you stay highly nourished first thing in the morning or when weird afternoon snack foods are to be avoided. Whip up a group smoothie for the beach? Absolutely! CHECK OUT
Astathaxin | Known as ‘internal SPF, astathanxin is a must-have summer supplement. Taken regularly, it works as an extra layer of sun protection and keeps skin warm and even under the sun. CHECK OUT

 Pack Your Multi | You might not stick to you superfood regimen during a weekend away. Taking a multi-vitamin ensures your body will still feel properly supported. Try a vitamin-infused powdered drink mix, as recommended by celebrity nutritionist Kelly Leveque. CHECK OUT

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