These ridiculously good-looking sisters have made a ridiculously good-looking cookbook we’re ready to display with our collection of art books. With a school bus yellow-colored hardcover the size of an old school textbook, The Art of Eating Well is perfect for styling up any fall coffee table. A cookbook for the coffee table? Why not! It’s gorgeous, interesting, and may just get you up from your OITNB marathon long enough for a healthy home-cooked dinner.

The Hemsley sisters are already known for ultra-accessible and stylish home-cooking through their namesake online platform, and, now, with dozens of their recipes in one place along with a sprinkling of healthy eating tips and pantry-stocking ideas, their book makes the perfect resource for everyone from take-out addicts who need a healthy kickstart to homecooks with an overflow of produce to utilize. We can’t imagine a Chalkboarder on the interweb who won’t swoon over this beet and goat cheese terrrine recipe – either for a shockingly fancy girl’s night in or for any of the holiday tables you’ll be cooking for this season.

Win your own copy below, then stay tuned next week for more on these stylish, kitchen-dominating Brits…

When we were younger we loved a certain brand of garlic-and-herb cream cheese, which we’ve recreated here using goats’ cheese. It’s always good to “vary the dairy” and goats’ dairy is one of the easiest to digest. Look for the best-quality goats’ cheese you can find – full-fat for flavor and nourishment. We’ve paired the cheese with layers of colorful beet slices, which are beautiful to behold! Try to get as many colors of beets as you can: golden, purple, and candy-colored Chioggia. We love how every time we make this terrine it looks different. Make this the night before a picnic or dinner party − this dish has the wow factor.

Beet and Goats’ Cheese Terrine


4 purple beets, about 10 ½ oz
4 golden or any other color beets, about 10 ½ oz (the more colors the better)
2 Tbsp freshly snipped chives
2 Tbsp freshly chopped parsley
1 Tbsp dried oregano
2 garlic cloves, finely grated
14 oz goats’ cheese
sea salt and black pepper


Line a 4 x 8 inch loaf tin with parchment paper, leaving enough paper hanging over that you can easily cover the terrine when the tin is full.
Scrub the beet, then place in a pan, cover with water, pop on the lid, and cook for about 30–40 minutes until tender. Set aside to cool, then peel.
Meanwhile, mix all the herbs and garlic with the goats’ cheese in a bowl and season to taste.
Slice the cooked beets into various thicknesses – some 1⁄8 inch, some 1⁄4 inch.
Put a layer of golden or candy-colored beets along the bottom of the tin, followed by a thin layer of the garlic and herb goats’ cheese mix. Do this for 6 layers of each, so you have 12 layers in total, and then start on the purple beets and cheese layers until you reach the top. If you have more colors, vary them as you go along.
Pull the parchment paper over so all the terrine is covered. Place a weight on top of the tin and leave in the fridge overnight or for 8 hours to set.
Cover the set terrine with a plate and turn upside down to remove the terrine. Slice and serve or refrigerate the terrine until needed.

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  1. I would be overjoyed to receive a copy of this book! Food truly represents the original form of artistic expression–full of life, pathos, history, and our cultural roots. I believe each recipe acts as a story.

    Casey | 09.17.2014 | Reply
  2. I love cookbooks! This one looks superb too! I would love nothing more than to flip through this book and work my way through every recipe!

    Jessica | 09.17.2014 | Reply
  3. Hello! Please! I have been dreaming of this cookbook since I laid eyes on it! I’m trying to switch over to a healthy lifestyle/diet but still want to eat tasty food and this book definitely looks like it does both. And the holidays! I want to cook these recipes for my entire family! I want to help keep their waistlines the same size while making their bellys happy… Not to mention my undying love for the UK and everything that comes out of the UK. 🙂 Thank you for this contest!!

    Tiffani Fisher | 09.17.2014 | Reply
  4. There is a food revolution coming about; being more conscious of the quality of foods we digest and absorb in our bodies, as well as a shift in perspective to how we treat ourselves starting with what goes in to our mouths. Not just changing the way we eat, but learning the right approach to food, what to eat, and enjoying it for the betterment of our body and mind. No longer are we to deprive ourselves; instead we should look at food in a new set of lens. Nourish ourselves with beautiful, whole, fresh, organic, mother earth food to become the most radiant self. This book would be such a perfect addition to add to the food philosophy I live and I hope to spread this to friends, family, strangers, and fellow students I teach yoga to on a daily basis as part of their own daily practice 🙂

  5. I’m planning on going to culinary school next year and absolutely LOVE food (especially healthy food). This cookbook is not only beautiful and creative but also a manifesto for healthy eating, and I would like nothing more than to add this to my repertoire of cookbooks! I’ve been lacking in inspiration lately (finally going through most of my Pinterest recipes), and I think this cookbook would help spark my imagination and urge me to create beautiful food!

  6. Oh my beets! Yum yum!

    I could really use this cook book because I forgot how to cook while moving/remodeling. I need beautiful food to match my beautiful kitchen!! 😉

    Katie Burbick | 09.17.2014 | Reply
  7. 1. Not gonna lie.. Those colors in the beet and goat cheese perfection! I love how creative that recipe is and how beautiful! I love wholistic health and being creative through meals and a healthy lifestyle…
    2. I will use this cook book regularly! I’m in need of some new creative recipes for hosting and just for me 🙂
    3. Creativity + art + food + yum = the perfect cookbook.
    4. Those are my reasons 🙂

    Rachelle ferreira | 09.18.2014 | Reply
  8. I would love to win this cook book! I love trying new recipes and feel that there are never enough veggie recipes to try! Especially healthy and delicious ones as in the Beets and Goat Cheese recipe! Yum! Yum! I love creative twists on healthy recipes that are beautiful to look at and eat! As an artist I appreciate the vibrant and playful colors one can get when cooking. Those are my reasons why I hope to win the cook book!

  9. Would love the cookbook!

  10. I would love to bring the “farm-to-table” style of eating to my home table . While it is trendy to try things when eating out , this Cookbook could help me bring some new and unique flavors right in my own kitchen .

    Joann Walker | 09.18.2014 | Reply
  11. I want to win this cookbook! I’m in a serious food rut and this book would be perfect in breaking me out of said rut. Even if I don’t win, I’ll buy it because that beet goat cheese recipe looks amaze!

    Michelle | 09.18.2014 | Reply
  12. Beets and goat cheese? Yes, please!
    I’m not going to lie, they are currently two of my favorite go to items for entertaining and healthy eating. When I came across this picture, I immediately shared the recipe with my husband and mother (who is gluten-free). Now, all I need is to make this recipe, add a drizzle of honey to the top, and hope I win a copy of the book.

    Michelle R. | 09.18.2014 | Reply
  13. I’ve lived long enough to confess that my first vegetarian cookbook was The Enchanted Broccoli Forest! I think it’s about time I got a new one; one that’s elegant, sophisticated and gourmet enough for my foodie meat-eating husband. Hope I win!

    Kerrie Loya | 09.18.2014 | Reply
  14. Cookbooks that are as gorgeous as this one deserve to be on display! I would love to have this one!

    Karen | 09.18.2014 | Reply
  15. In the same spirit that Jasmine and Melissa make nutritious recipes that look beautiful and taste delicious, I would love a copy of their book to use when I entertain to perpetuate “The Art of Eating Well” at home.

    Lisa | 09.18.2014 | Reply
  16. I should win because I love to cook, I love to eat and I need to start eating healthier. Thanks for the chance to win this book.

    Bridget | 09.19.2014 | Reply
  17. Would love to win this beautiful book- I’m in need of some new kitchen inspiration!! 🙂

    Taye | 09.21.2014 | Reply
  18. This book looks beautiful and delicious! I just had a birthday and its pushing me to re-think the way I eat!

    Lizzie | 09.22.2014 | Reply
  19. I organize my cookbook shelf by COLOR and I need more YELLOW on it! It’s a silly excuse…but it’s simply true! 🙂

  20. Because this book sure beets the rest! Would be an awesome aid to my new health-kick mantra. I have been following the Hemsleys in Instagram and reading their recipes in collaboration with Vogue and The Stylist for some time, would be great to flick their recipes in a hard copy.

    Jane | 09.22.2014 | Reply
  21. I would be so pleased to read and cook from this cookbook. I read the first few pages on amazon and want more, more, more!

    virginia | 09.22.2014 | Reply
  22. I hope to win this book because I’m losing my spirit in the kitchen and it would help me kickstart my renewal commitment to cooking healthy as well as really trying hard at these visually appealing meals. I’ve been following Hemsley and Hemsley and resonate with wellness being one of the central features of why we should cook, their combined stylish edge sets them apart. I’d love to see what other recipes they’ve put together!

    Lacey Schmidt | 09.22.2014 | Reply
  23. I’ve recently had a turn around in my way of thinking. I was raised and taught that beets were only for eastern European communists and goat cheese for those that couldn’t get a proper cow from their local Politburo (as punishment for sedition). But holy crow, there is so much deliciousness to be had! Personally I blame the capitalist-corn-eating-pigs for feeding me such propaganda (in addition to corn). I am thrilled with this cook book and cannot wait to (if the secret police allow it) try each recipe.

    Do beets grow in Siberia?

    Michael | 09.22.2014 | Reply
  24. Oh lordy I want this booky wooky badlyyy 🙂 I am following the two lovely sisters since very beginning on their blog and let me tell you – my dinner partys would not be the same! The cottage pie with cauliflower – the keeper. And the stilton cranbery bites are the winners!!! Xx

    Dominyka | 09.22.2014 | Reply

    The Chalkboard Team | 09.23.2014 | Reply
  26. Their exciting and nutritious food combinations, The Hemsley sisters have made living well for me a colorful art form. I’m so eager to get my hands on their debut cookbook. Their Qunioa Risotto recipe that I once saw on Vogue.co.uk is a dinner staple for me (I have it printed and taped in my cupboard with a few stains on it). I love how everything on their blog is so easy to make and yummy to eat. This cookbook would bring more flavor into my life that I’m currently missing. These on-trend foodies are truly an inspiration for me in my kitchen. Oh my… just thinking about this cookbook gets me excited to whip up a delicious (and lets not forget pretty looking) seasonal meal. Eating healthfully everyday won’t be an afterthought with this cookbook in my life. <3

  27. you had me at goat cheese and beets…what a fantastic twist on one of my favorite dishes!!! this book would be a great addition to my collection of cookbooks!! thx.

    shanna | 09.25.2014 | Reply
  28. This cookbook is absolutely stunning. I have made beets and goat cheese neopolitans and would love to make this and other recipes from the beautiful book. I am an elementary school teacher and I think it’s important to teach students about conscious, healthy eating…and the beauty of art! 🙂

    Melia | 09.26.2014 | Reply
  29. I cannot get over how truly stunning that dish is – I always need inspiration to cook vegetarian meals that will appeal to everyone – would love this book for more recipes like this.

  30. I love beets so I can’t wait to make this dish. I would love to win the cook book because I’m getting married next week & need some new recipes for my new family!

    Jill | 09.29.2014 | Reply
  31. Upon being a chef and baker, I collect many books of different genre ( I am a bibliophile), and would love to add this to my collection.

    Ebony | 02.08.2015 | Reply
  32. this is my first time hearing about this cookbook–I’m interested just based on the one beet/goat cheese terrine recipe. It looks fabulous and I will make it today. Would love to win the cookbook!

    Kim Hargreaves | 02.09.2015 | Reply
  33. I would LOVE to win this cookbook. While I generally use cookbooks as references to develop recipes more catered to my family’s tastes, this looks like a really fun one that I would actually try a lot of the recipes as is!

    Nichelle Martin | 02.09.2015 | Reply

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