30 New Shop Picks For A Perfect Spring

We’re in the mood to sweat this spring. How about you? It’s been an intense year already and we’ve noticed that people are finding more meaningful ways to balance their online vs. offline lives. One of the best ways to resist the urge to Instagram and feel fully in our bodies is to hit the gym, studio – or pavement.

Not all workouts are equal, of course – and few people know that better than our April Guest Editor, Dave Asprey. You may know Dave best as the creator of Bulletproof Coffee, but what interests us most is his proficiency at “bio-hacking”. That includes figuring out what kind of physical challenges best suit the body and get it into optimal condition.

No matter how you get out and get moving this spring, we’ve added a few fitnesswear pieces to the spring shop that’ll have you majorly motivated. From stripes to subtle colorblocks, don’t underestimate the power of a new outfit to up your sweatworking abilities.

This season is a great time for a light detox as well.  In the Spring Shop you’ll find a few simple daily tools to balance your body in the mornings or try a gentle three-day cleanse.

We’ve also included a few green beauty staples that’ll help you shed any winter dullness and a full stack of books on everything from florals to fresh cooking to Misty Copeland (yes, she’s her own genre!).

Tell us what you love this season and what you’re hoping to see more of on TCM this spring. We have a ton of inspiration planned for you to make it through the warming months in style, in balance and in good health…

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