soapstone cookingware

Your kitchen is calling and it wants one of these supermodel-esque cooking vessels. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone you really, really, really love, these beautiful tools make for perfect holiday gifts. Discover why we’re obsessed below…Soapstone & Copper cookware | Ever seen soapstone cookingware? Us either! These South American soapstone cooking vessels are the oldest, but newest way to cook low and slow. We’ll be making soups, stews and other magical brews from now until summer, if not for any other reason than to put this pretty pot to use. CHECK OUT

DonabeDonabe | Japanese clay pot cooking is an ancient version of the modern day slowcooker; it’s easy, healthy and all you need is one pretty vessel called a donabe. Learn how to use this baby (and why you should) here, then pick up one as a kitchen gift you wouldn’t expect to love but won’t be able to live without once you’ve given it a go. CHECK OUT

Rice Cooker + Steamer Set | Your holiday season may have been an eating marathon, but that’s nothing a few nutrient-rich gut-friendly Buddha bowls cant make right. This steamer can cook both rice and veggies at the same time. Cook em up, scoop some out and top with your fave plant-based dressing or sauce. This tahini situation is one of our faves.  CHECK OUT

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