We’re a little slutty when it comes to superfoods. We’ll pack any superfood into any meal, any time of the day. NYC’s CAP Beauty is one of our faves in the city, because they seriously enable our trollop-y ways – it’s like a candy store for the health and beauty obsessed.

Each month CAP Beauty co-founder Kerrilynn Pamer brings us recipes for beautifying goodness (like this insanely delish vitamin E “latte“), but this roll-up may be our most favorite yet. This cashew coconut wrap with royal jelly is one-half dessert and one-half snack, so it’s versatile (right?). We’re already dreaming up other superfoods to toss in there.

Here’s Kerrilynn on the power of royal jelly…

Another addition to our superfood pantry, royal jelly is a perfect pick-me-up. We sprinkle it on just about everything whenever we’re needing a nutrient-dense boost. Considered to be one of the most potent medicinals in Chinese and Western medicine, this magical powder supports and revitalizes the immune system. We’re partial to Bee Mana from Immortality Alchemy because it’s harvested from bees who feed on the most high-vibe diets, living on apiaries near medicinal herb farms and wild forests (the bees are never fed sugar, only their original diet of honey and pollen harvested from the herbs and plants growing far away from industrialization and pollution). Royal jelly contains not only a huge assortment of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants, but also human-active B-12, making it an ideal longevity food. Royal jelly is the food of queen bees. So eat like a queen and get buzzing naturally.


It’s Good to Be the Queen Wrap


2 Tbsp cashew butter
1 small banana 
1 tsp royal jelly
1/2 Tbsp hemp seeds 
1 coconut wrap


Spread cashew butter onto coconut wrap, then top with sliced banana. Sprinkle with royal jelly and hemp seeds, wrap and enjoy this life-affirming treat.


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