Smudge Sticks + Wearable Sleeping Bags: 5 Things That Make Us Want To Go Camping
Truth be told, we love our room service. Camping, in theory seems wonderful – the open spaces, cozy camp setups and sense of autonomy. In actuality, however, we’re more likely to go on an adventure day hike…and return to the city for dinner and cocktails somewhere less remote.
These five outdoorsy accessories are inspiring us out beyond our camping-averse ways. Get out and off the hiking trail with these inspired picks for camping gear…


GSI Outdoors Collapsible JavaDrip Coffee Maker

Brew your favorite beans in the wild! This chic and easy set-up has us just as excited about making the coffee as we are thrilled by the idea of drinking it in the woods. The cone collapses and sets right on top of a drinking glass.



Poler The Napsack Sleeping Bag

Wear your sleeping bag! Is there a better idea? This is the second time we’ve spotlit this outdoor essential. Unzip at the shoulders, uncinch at the base and you’ve got a fully functional sleeping bag suit that you can waddle around the fire in – brilliant. 



BioLite BaseCamp Stove

This cooking stove is almost pretty enough for us to set up in the backyard full time. Going completely off the grid? You can still make incredible meals on this grill with foraged firewood tucked inside. We don’t know about you, but just the sight of this stove inspires a million camp cooking ideas! 


Iron Oval Fire Pit

Technically, when you’re deep in the wilderness, a firepit is unnecessary…but this version from Terrain is so gorgeous, we just had to include. Avoid dry, dangerous ground at a campsite, or just use this to light up your backyard and faux camp. 


Tom's Incense White sage Smudge Sticks

Did you know burning sage in your campfire will help drive bugs away? It also smells incredible and makes us feel boho-tastic. Tuck a bundle in your pack and style up the scent of your camp site for memories that will last a lifetime. 


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