Smoothie Solutions: A Holiday Peppermint Smoothie with Greens

The year is quickly drawing to a close. Before it does, however, there’s still ample opportunity to snuggle up near a fire, or a tree, and enjoy this peppermint smoothie. This drink offers a taste of the holidays while still providing the health benefits of peppermint, dark chocolate and oh-so-necessary greens!

The Problem: It’s hard to indulge in the seasonal flavors mindfully. Reaching for that peppermint mocha or whipped drink can really tax the system instead of promoting overall health and wellness.

The Solution: By including greens with peppermint, you double down on the digestive benefits. Peppermint has wide-reaching health benefits, from calming nausea, to dealing with gastric ailments such as IBS, to mitigating stress and headaches (a must around the holidays!). Greens, including kale and spinach, are a must in order to supply necessary fiber and iron, along with numerous vitamins. Spirulina is one of our favorite smoothie additions and a quick way to supercharge the greens. Cacao boots up brain function and helps keep hearts healthy.

Holiday Peppermint Greens Smoothie


1 frozen banana
1/2 to 1 bottle Pressed Juicery Almond Milk, depending on desired consistency
1 cup spinach
3 large kale leaves, stems removed
handful fresh peppermint leaves, stems removed
1 Tbsp cacao powder, plus extra for garnish
1 tsp spirulina powder
1 tsp peppermint extract, if desired, for taste


Place all ingredients except cacao garnish into a powerful blender. Make sure to layer the banana at the bottom, followed by greens and then the liquids and powders. Blend until smooth. Adjust for taste with additional peppermint or almond milk as needed. Pour into your favorite glass, garnish and enjoy!

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