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Skin Type Solutions: 8 Balms For Troubled Skin
May Lindstrom Skin's The Problem Solver

The gorgeous May Lindstom seems to know what she's doing when it comes to your skin. Quickly becoming an obsession among natural beauty insiders, May's line of small batch skin care items are taking over our vanities!

The Problem Solver is a dry mix of powerful clay and skin-stimulating spices. Whip up the powder in May's beautiful, custom-made clay bowl and engage in this almost sacred-feeling skin ritual!

As the name suggests, this mask is a fix for just about everything - from breakouts to poor tone. We recommend giving this gorgeous glass canister a shake before opening to get the ideal blend of fragrant spices.



Skin Type Solutions: 8 Balms For Troubled Skin
We’re breaking down lists of some of the best all-natural skin care out there for your skin type. This time, it’s all about skin that’s upset, breaking down or freaking out! Forget the harsh stuff you used as a teenager and find a few new solutions from our list of faves…
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