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So you’ve moved cities and you’re happy as a clam – but your skin is not. Believe it or not, moving can cause our skin to majorly freak out and there are a few specific reasons for that. We asked beauty pro and The Detox Market head of content and education, Merrady Wickes to talk to us about why this happens and what to do about it. Merrady made the switch to green beauty herself years ago as a last-ditch effort to clear her own complexion. She had a transformative experience and never looked back – her glowy complexion is all the proof we need. Now, Merrady has made it her mission to educate and inspire more men and women to discover natural beauty.

Q: I’ve moved and finally have everything in its place, but why is my skin freaking out? Why is this happening and how do I fix it?

A: As if moving isn’t hard enough, just as you’re getting settled your skin goes totally haywire. I’ll unpack the common culprits while you unpack those last few boxes.

the STRESS. Your body doesn’t know the difference between good stress and bad stress, and change is always stressful. Stress raises your testosterone, which can trigger a number of reactions including new breakouts. It’s easier said than done, but take time to breathe and unwind. My favorite way to decompress is a long bath. Goop’s new “The Martini” smells amazing and takes the edge off when things are crazy. You might want an actual martini, too. I’m not here to judge. While you’re organizing your new place, throw on May Lindstrom’s The Problem Solver mask. You can leave it on as long as you want, and the warming spices and mix of clays will do wonders to calm, smooth and detox fussy skin.

the change in WATER. Yeah, it literally might be something in the water. Every city’s water supply has unique levels of metals, minerals, chlorine and fluoride. Hard water is especially harsh on the skin and hair. If the water is very hard, you can bust out the big guns and get a shower filtration system. If that’s not an option, the best thing you can do is avoid wetting your face in the shower or at the sink. Massage your favorite cleanser on dry skin, then wring out a damp muslin cloth until the excess moisture is gone, and use to remove your cleanser. Follow with a pH balancing mist (like this one from Josh Rosebrook), and immediately apply hydration while your skin is moist.

new POLLUTants. Even if you’re used to living in the city, your skin is now being assaulted by a whole new set of environmental aggressors. It’s time to up your antioxidant protection to neutralize all that ick. I have a couple of favorites for this: The Kypris Antioxidant Dew is a milky serum packed with encapsulated antioxidants and healing tamanu. I also love OSEA’s Atmosphere Protection Cream that stars mineral-rich algae to provide a silky layer of barrier protection.

new CLIMATE. This may seem obvious, but I can’t tell you how many people think they can use the exact same skincare routine in LA, NY, Miami and Paris and get the same results. Any time you move you need to completely reassess your skin’s needs based on the climate. Is it humid or dry? How much sun is there? Are the temperatures more extreme? Do you suddenly have ‘round the clock indoor heating or air conditioning? One of my favorite ways to customize moisture is to have a great face oil. You can wear an oil alone if you live somewhere humid, or you can layer it under or over your favorite moisturizer to add hydration for dry days. Try something simple like the Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil. If you move somewhere sunnier, you definitely need to have an everyday sunscreen. I was terrible with this until I discovered the Hynt Sun Prep, a sheer sunscreen that doubles as a makeup primer. Wherever you’ve landed, take good care of yourself, and enjoy the journey. You’ll get the hang of your new city – and your new skin – soon.

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