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Skin Care For Your Skin Type: 7 Solutions For Combination Skin
Farmaesthetics Fine Herbal Cleanser

With just five ingredients, this little bottle from Farmaesthetics is just the kind of product that makes you blink in a world full of beauty products. Witch hazel, veggie glycerin, sugar cane, geranium and lavender go into the bottle and onto your skin gently, simply and effectively enough to calm even broken out skin.

One key to achieving balance in combination skin is backing off with a gentle cleanser like this one so that skin oil levels can reach an even keel. It might take more patience than with a harsh cleanser, but - with time - a gentle product like this one can create lasting change for your skin!



Skin Care For Your Skin Type: 7 Solutions For Combination Skin

Yes, no, sometimes, maybe…. If you find yourself confused when asked about your skin type – we can relate. Skin that is is dry in some areas and oily in others is considered “combination” skin. If you’ve leafed through more than one beauty magazine or see a facialist from time to time, it’s likely you know all about it. Enough of the diagnoses then, let’s get down to the best natural skin care around for combination skin!

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