SPRING, SUMMER, ACAI. We can’t imagine warm weather without fantasizing about our fave snack of late, but as Laurel Gallucci of Sweet Laurel Bakery points out below, they can be triple packed with sugar. Yes, this acai bowl recipe is essentially a giant fruit bowl, but natural sugars and added sugars aren’t all equal (read more on that here) and we love her use of more natural ingredients…

Everyone loves a good acai bowl recipe, but acai bowls at restaurants are usually disappointing. They are often loaded with sugar and WAY TOO SWEET. I get to control the sweet factor when I make my own. In this case, I use frozen banana and optional raw honey. I top my bowls with my favorite fruits too. Get creative — they are fun to make!

Easy Acai Bowls
serves 2


100 gram packet unsweetened acai
1 frozen banana (make sure your banana is unpeeled before you freeze it)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
Optional: 1 tablespoon raw honey
Mango slices
Peach Slices
Shredded coconut or fresh cut coconut


Blend acai, frozen banana, vanilla extract and optional honey together on high in a blender. Top with fruit of choice. For garnish, I like to cut my mango slices into fun shapes. You can also freeze or fresh berries for a few moments to add a nice frozen glow to your bowl!

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