We’re obsessing over just about every mushroom, tonic and superfood the guys over at Four Sigma Foods have to offer. Four Sigma is truly on the forefront of the mushroom “movement”, bringing a few traditional and powerful superfoods and fungis into the spotlight in a super-accessible way. Recently we got a chance to sit down and nerd out with one of the company’s main men, Tero Isokauppila.

Tero is the spitting image of health – his eyes are crystal clear and his skin radiates a glow that only comes from living a life so in tune with nature. Naturally, we drilled him on every one of his wellness and nutrition secrets to understand how he maintains his glowing state. From the uber-natural supplements and green powders he cannot live without to the more radical practices that are a part of his daily routine, find out what this mushroom man does to stay healthy.

Daily breakfast:

My main dietary routine is not to have routines. I’m often on experimental diets and like to test new things. If there is a daily ritual in my breakfast, it has something to do with hydration. I rarely eat anything in the morning. I want to replenish my body after a night of good sleep.

As I write this I’m in Hong Kong, where I arrived yesterday. The first thing I had was about 18 ounces of spring water and one Progurt probiotic packet (contains 1 trillion beneficial bacterias). I’m not a big supplement guy, but I always like to add a little digestive support when I enter new countries. 

A little less than an hour later, I had this simple tonic for breakfast: a tablespoon of Le Gall demi-sel butter made from A2-type unpasteurized cream, one packet of our wildcrafted and dual-extracted chaga and a teaspoon of our Prince blend that contains mucuna, maca and muira puama.

3 staples always in my medicine cabinet:

Coconut oil – I use it for everything; soap – also way more versatile than most people realize; and new product formulations and experiments our chef, Lari, has made (they come in very odd bags that look very much like drugs).

My food philosophy in one sentence:

Quality over quantity.

Can’t live without my:

Adaptogens, greens and water.

Daily supplements:

None – at least not any capsules or pills. I prefer to eat or drink my medicine.

Occasionally I use supplements for very specific situations. These could include:
– a hefty dosage of probiotics when entering a new country
– extra vitamin D, if I’m spending the winter in a place like Finland
enzymes before eating in a restaurant I’m not familiar with
– various supplement stacks to reduce jet lag during air travel
– eating clay for longer stays in big cities

Disclaimer: Some things others consider supplements, I consider food.

Once a week for my health I:

Try to add something new to my health regimen.

Fave workout:

Animal flow body-weight exercises. Or anything new my friend Travis comes up with. 

Best healthy food option on the go:

Usually fasting. Just have more salt and water.

At least once a week I cook…

Sugar-free desserts. I’m big on raw chocolate, but am inspired by my friend Crosby to start baking more often as well. 

If I could give just one piece of health advice it would be...

Be curious. Good questions usually take you further than good answers.

Current reading list:

I try to avoid reading as I feel it limits my ability to formulate my own thoughts. But just like everybody else, I do like stories. While in Asia I plan to read Neil Strauss’ new book, The Truth.

Ingredient in products I always avoid:

Sugar and any ingredients I don’t recognize.

Crazy health idea that actually works:

Eating large amounts of unprocessed salt. Salt has the worst reputation but it is actually the bomb when you source it correctly.

5 things always in my travel gear:

Unprocessed salt; mushrooms, of course – I primarily use chaga when I travel; powdered greens – I especially love chlorella; zapper / Schumann Resonance Device – the best travel tool ever; and raw chocolate/cacao, just in case I start to get hungry and can’t fast any longer.


Enjoying food. I couldn’t just drink Soylent three times per day, no matter how good it is (which it’s not). I need to enjoy what I eat. It’s so much about the social part of it and the experience.

Simplest way to improve health:

Forget deprivation diets. Just upgrade instead, and replace existing habits with better quality.

Go-to juice:

I’m old school. Celery, cucumber, lemon and ginger juice are still all I need. 

Fave healthy getaway:

Spending time at our family farm. In theory, this isn’t a getaway though because it means work. Beyond that, Kauai or the Swiss Alps would be my choice, depending on the season.

My current mantra:

2016 is the year of the mushroom.

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