Shay Mitchell Hangover

Hangovers happen. Hopefully, not too often – but we’re not judging. Whether it’s the last party favor left after a good evening out or the unintended consequence of a friend’s poor mixology skills, we’ve got you covered.

While hosting Shape Magazine’s L.A. Body Shop event earlier this summer Pretty Little Liars actress, Shay Mitchell, told Shape her go-to hangover trick:

“Food, food, and more food to soak it all up. I also suggest reminding yourself during that state of too many beers to order food. And the next day? Loose clothing—just pajamas—and if you can, get in a sweat sesh. Not a workout sweat sesh, but literally sit in a sauna or steam room or go to a Korean spa and literally sweat it out.”

We couldn’t agree more on the inclusion of high-quality calories when you’re planning on drinking and as for the sweating? An infrared sauna sweat is our favorite – learn more from an infrared pro here. Korean spas more your style? You might die laughing over our simple “Korean Spa Rules”.

Looking for all the hangover help you can get your hands on? Read our Damage Control piece here, the Thinking Girl’s Guide here, and learn to avoid a hangover altogether with these tips to bookmark and note to self!

Have a reliable hangover remedy yourself? Share in the comments!

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