The V Files: 5 Intimate Self-Care Products You Need to Know About

Jade eggs were only just the start. As a more open, honest and femme-focused culture emerges, with it has come a boom of chic AF intimate self-care products made by and for women.

Some of these products solve major problems (Foria’s CBD infused lubricant oil is the most buzzed about game changer), others make intimate self-care just a little more fun. Our bodies are magical and, at times, don’t need much extra, but there are seasons in which we can benefit from every naturally nourishing luxury.

From a tiny piece of tech to strengthen your pelvic floor to a totally unique oil that Emma Watson swears by, these products are the perfect way to treat yourself…Elvie Kegel Trainer | Strengthening your pelvic floor muscles has benefits that reach far beyond the bedroom. If you’re really serious about your pelvic fitness goals (we kid, but also not really) then this is the perfect piece of tech. It’s fully waterproof and made with medical grade silicone.  CHECK OUT 

Foria Awaken Lube | Get ready for this total game changer. This personal lubricant is one of our favorite new finds from the recent CBD boom. Aside from the chic AF packaging (we see you, Foria) this CBD oil is super effective for making sex (with or without a partner) feel as incredible as it should. CBD can be absorbed by the body through the skin. The calming, circulation-boosting effects of kava, cinnamon, ginger and cardamom work with the CBD to help you relax, let arousal rise and enable you to experience heightened sensation without being overly stimulating.  CHECK OUT 
Medicine Mamas V Magic Feminine Lipstick | We were admittedly taken by surprise when we were first introduced to the idea of feminine ‘lips’ stick. Our panel with the brand’s founder opened our eyes. Made with a seriously soothing and non-toxic formula, this stick is super gentle and deeply nourishing, helping tons of women who suffer from uncomfortable dryness, chafing and general sensitivity.  CHECK OUT


Willow Feminine Oil | Get to know yourself. This intimate oil from women’s health and PCOS expert, Nicole Granato, is made with a blend of beautiful oils that contains antiviral, antibacterial and pH balancing properties and can even help balance hormones. Sometimes when this part of the body is out of whack, we can use a little more attention.  CHECK OUT 

Fur oil | You wouldn’t think twice about what’s inside this elegant little bottle if you just saw it sitting around — and that’s why we love it so much. This natural oil is one of Emma Watson’s favorite products. It’s totally unique in terms of its ability to tame whatever is going on down there, hydrate the skin and prevent ingrown hairs.   CHECK OUT 

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  1. Good article and I’m happy that a variety of products for intimate self-care are now available. I just have to say that I have been very disappointed by Willow feminine oil. I ordered the oil last year directly from the website. Have been charged on my credit card and I never received the product. I contacted the customer care and the person in charge gave me a bunch of excuses for the delay, then promised that I will be refund me. I never received a refund. So it looks more like a scam or a rubbery from Willow. For that I do not recommend it.

    Mounia | 01.28.2019 | Reply


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