Setting intentions can be one of the most powerful ways to turn ideas into action. Whether you’re looking to change your body, your eating habits or turn your entire life around, getting crystal clear on your purpose can help manifest your dreams. Astrologer/spiritual coach Danielle Beinstein and doula Paula Mallis are the leaders of Venice’s New Moon Circle, a monthly gathering specifically for women to create rituals, form connections and set those kinds of intentions that end up changing everything for the better. We asked them to share the ins and outs of manifesting miracles to help you go into this with a clear mind and inspired heart…

The cycles of the moon offer us a very powerful opportunity to tune in and align with our greater purpose. There are four major phases of the moon: new moon, waxing half moon, full moon and waning half moon. New moons – which occur approximately every 28 days when the sun and moon are conjoined at the exact same degree – are for planting seeds and setting intentions. For the past two years, we have co-facilitated a monthly New Moon Circle in Venice, California, holding space for a supportive and uplifting community of women as we share our heartfelt dreams and desires. We have witnessed – first hand – the power of this age-old ritual. We’ve seen miracles manifest, time and time again. It’s what keeps us so committed to our work and it’s what inspired us to create the New Moon Circle Journal. Here are our 7 steps to setting intentions and manifesting your life:

Center Yourself.

Before you begin, center yourself. Take a few deep breaths. Connect to your heart. The heart radiates at a much higher frequency than the mind, so write from there, infusing your pen with feeling. How would it feel to be living your dreams right now? What would it taste like, smell like, sound like? This is so so important. So often, we think we’re supposed to want or have something. But what is it that you truly yearn for? Place society’s expectations and rules aside and listen to the voice within. Let this – and only this – be your guiding light. It’s the fastest route to manifesting anyway.

Act As If.

Write your intentions as if they’re already happening. Only the present exists, right? So by writing in the current state, you’re letting the universe deliver it to you, ideally with grace and ease (more on that in the fourth point, below). This way, you’re moving in alignment with your highest self.

Keep It Focused.

Try to limit it to your top 10. We know it’s tempting to write a gazillion. But the truth is, less is more here. What really matters to you? What has the most juice? By limiting your intentions to 10, you’re also letting the universe know you’re serious about what’s involved, which brings us to our next point.

Go Big - Fearlessly.

Go big. Really. Why not? You deserve it all. But there’s a catch. Be forewarned: Things may surface. That relationship that you’re dreaming of? You may need to do some work before you’re ready to meet your partner head (and heart) on. You may have some limiting beliefs you need to shed. You may have to learn a little more self-love. You may have to drop your pre-conceived idea of what it should look like, in order to create space for something more authentic. This isn’t a bad thing. Anything worthwhile requires effort. We’re all about grace and ease, but only if it’s in your (and everybody else’s) best interest. Intention setting lets the universe know you’re all in. You may have to roll over certain intentions month after month, but have faith. As long as you’re taking inspired action, the universe has your back.


Let It Go.

Once they’re written down, let go. Move into non-attachment and trust in the timing of your life. You are where you are for a reason. There’s something for you to learn at every stage. It’s about the process. We always write the following phrase at the top of our sheets:

May my intentions manifest in alignment with my authentic self as I gracefully receive them or something greater for the highest good of all involved.

Our egos don’t have all the answers (as much as they may protest this). We really have no idea what’s coming down the pipe. And that’s the beauty of it.

Sleep On It.

At night, place them under your pillow. Let them seep into your subconscious while you sleep. This primes us to direct ourselves towards our dreams.

Share Your Story.

And, finally, when they do manifest, share them! Tell your story. Nothing in the world is more inspiring than a dream fulfilled.

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