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If you’ve been watching Selling Sunset lately, then you, like me, saw Emma Hernan and Breana Tiesi “have a kiki” during season 7. The ladies met in a pink-lit fitness studio while straddling large spinning contraptions I had never seen before (that neither one of them knew what to do with).

After aggressively searching the internet, I discovered that the real estate queens were visiting Cosmo Contour, an under-the-radar infrared fitness studio here in L.A. The body sculpting studio claimed to transform, heal, and repair the body in just 30 minutes. Now that’s some serious multitasking.
cosmo contour selling sunsetGiven that I’m obsessed with all things infrared related, I decided to go far (infrared joke) outside of my comfort zone to try the studio’s unusual tech for myself.

Cosmo Contour’s Infrared Cardio Capsules

Cosmo Contour’s founder, Nicole King, has combined infrared tech with everyday workout machines for a unique experience designed to quickly sculpt clients’ bodies without any invasive treatments or procedures.

Working out while feeling like you’re stuck in the sauna? It could be hot and miserable, but Cosmo Contour’s infrared cardio devices have been carefully designed to provide a balanced, yet comfortable challenge. You can feel the benefits after spending just 30 minutes on any given machine—you don’t need more than that! The heat penetrates deeply into the body for a workout so quick, effective, and painless, I’m surprised it’s still so easy to book.

“We have infrared treadmill capsules, infrared ellipticals, infrared bike capsules, infrared stairmasters, and infrared body rollers,” Nicole shared. “They are all designed to enhance your workout or body sculpting treatments, delivering benefits such as infrared lymphatic drainage, infrared muscle recovery, and improved circulation.”

Cosmo Contour isn’t meant to replace your regular workout, but rather serve as an enhanced complement to other types of regimens you’re already doing. At just $35 per session, Nicole says that most see results even with just one-to-three times per week.

The Benefits Of Infrared + Cardio Combined

If you’ve been on The Chalkboard lately, you know that we, too, believe in all things infrared. Some benefits of infrared cardio include:

+ Burns 600-1200 calories in 30 minutes
+ Enhances the body’s detoxification processes
+ Strengthens the immune system
+ Reduces the appearance of cellulite
+ Improves sleep
+ Helps pain and inflammation
+ Boosts metabolism
+ Increases energy levels
+ Promotes muscle recovery
+ Lymphatic drainage

My 30-Minute Cosmo Contour Workout

I went into my Cosmo Contour workout having already completed a circuit training class that morning, viewing my session as the ultimate recovery boost. What I got was so much more than that.

The studio feels like a nightclub—without the expansive crowds. If anything, the space felt private and contained, making it 10x less overwhelming than a traditional gym.

Since I had already “given” that day, Nicole’s team suggested I head straight to the recumbent bike capsule for my 30 minutes, highlighting that the bike and elliptical were their most “effective” machines.
cosmo contourFor the next 30 minutes, the recumbent bike and I were enclosed in the infrared pod from the waist down. Nicole told me that wherever my body needed “extra attention” would turn red from the heat since the infrared had a powerful way of targeting stagnation, and that I would feel the heat quite quickly. At first, the heat just felt soothing, but I soon remembered that infrared heats your body from the core, leading to a deeper internal heat from the inside out over time.

By the end of my 30 minutes, I was drenched in the most satisfying way possible, and I was able to look at my newsfeed and respond to my emails while busting out a workout.

Now, the best part: The Infrared Body Roller that my Selling Sunset girlies used on the show.

This was my moment to ring my own fitness bell (IYKYK). Enhanced with infrared technology, Cosmo Contour’s exclusive body rollers are designed to mimic the precision of a masseuse’s fingers, offering a far superior experience to a traditional flat roller.

“Specifically designed to manipulate the lymphatic system, these rollers promote movement and enhance the effectiveness of the massage. Our lymphatic massage machines feature hidden infrared lamps, widening blood vessels and aiding in toxin removal from deeper layers of the skin,” Nicole explained.

If all I had was 45 minutes to stop by Cosmo Contour, I would opt to use the Body Roller above all else. I’ve literally never experienced anything like it. I was able to adjust the RPM speeds as well as the infrared levels to create a totally custom experience that took care of my entire body from top to bottom. At times it was painful because it had to break up fascia, but other times, it was absolutely euphoric. Nicole cautioned that I might be sore the next day, which I was, but I also noticed that my inner thighs were noticeably “tighter” and that areas that were congested felt completely unblocked.

My Cool-Down Synopsis

With locations in both L.A. and Miami, Cosmo Contour deserves way more attention than it’s getting.

In the future, I hope to go beyond Cosmo Contour’s infrared offerings and try their private EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) suit training classes that stimulate 600+ muscles in your body in just 15 to 20 minutes. “People love this when they have a big event coming up where they want to get into amazing shape super fast,” Nicole told me.

They also offer cutting-edge body-sculpting techniques and a range of medical-grade devices like Venus Legacy, Bliss Laser, Emsculpt Neo, Morpheus8, and many more.

If you’re infra-ready to start 2024 off on the right foot, check out Cosmo Contour with code COSMO-CHALK for 50% off Body Sculpting or a free infrared sauna session when you purchase a $35 day pass to the Infrared Gym. Shape up or ship out!

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