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Seaweeds like kelp and nori are treasure troves of unique and essential nutrients, but unless you’re eating quite a bit of sushi every week chances are you’re not making the most of all the seaweed benefits.

The plants themselves have roots that penetrate into sea beds filled with trace minerals, some of which are no longer present on land. There are more than 20 types of edible seaweed, including nori, kombu, hijiki, wakame, dulce, chlorella, and Irish moss, and they each come with their own health benefits. Seaweed is generally high in minerals, DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber and prebiotics. Most notably, seaweeds like kelp can be potent sources of the mineral iodine. Depending on the state of your thyroid health, iodine could be highly beneficial or you may need to watch your intake.

It can be surprisingly effortless to integrate all those seaweed benefits into our diets — if you’ve got the right products. We love dried seaweed in soups like this one and wraps like this, but if you’re looking for consistent ways to use seaweed regularly, check out these simple sprinkles, sheets and, even noodles to throw on top of your fave veggie bowls and salads…seaweed sprinkleseden brand seaweed gomasio | Gomasio is a traditional Japanese condiment based on a mix of sesame seeds and salt. This version is also made with dulse, nori, and kombu sea vegetables. Simply sprinkle it on avocado toast, salads, popcorn or veggies to get the benefits of seaweed in the easiest way possible. CHECK OUT

seaweed jerkyakua kelp jerky | You’ll eaither love it or hate it, but do yourelf a favor and try this snack at least once. Loaded with plant-protein, fiber and tons of vitamins and minerals from kelp, this sustainably-driven and nutrient-dense snack has a jerky-like texture and comes in flavors that range from salty to spicy to savory. CHECK OUT
seaweed benefits snacknori sheets | The thin, crispy sheets of seaweed that wrap most sushi rolls can be used to wrap virtually anything in your fridge too. Nori sheets come in full, wrap-sized sheets and in little cracker sized munchies for a salty, savory flavor that’s super addictive. This recipe for poke-topped nori chips is a crazy-simple crowd pleaser for dinner parties or just a Netflix night with friends. CHECK OUT
kelp saltkelp granules | Swap out your regular sea salt and sneak in some seaweed benefits with these kelp sprinkles instead. The salty flavor makes this a great alternative to boost your iodine take and reduce your salt intake, if that’s your goal. CHECK OUT
seaweed benefits seasoningbraggs seaweed kelp salt | This seaweed seasoning mix from OG wellness food brand, Bragg, is free of sodium, carbs and fake ingredients. It’s a nutrient-rich way to boost the flavor factor of any savory dish. CHECK OUTkelp noodleskelp noodles | Kelp noodles are low in carbs and calories, making them an amazing plant-based alternative to pasta and grains. These oceanic noodles are 100% raw, natural and have very little flavor so they can be tossed into any dish seamlessly. Peek here for a few of our favorite recipes. CHECK OUT

Do you regularly consume seaweed? How do you incorporate it into your diet?

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