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Getting your hands dirty in the kitchen can conjure up all kinds of wonderful memories. We love whipping up recipes that we know have a history or simply evoke memories of simple times with family and friends. This summer, create a family heirloom cookbook with your kids to keep the kitchen traditions going strong for generations to come. It might seem daunting, but Honest Company has broken DIY cookbook creation down step by step – and it’s sure to be a delicious process…

Farmers’ market berries remind you of Grandma’s famous pies. And you really want to learn how to make your dad’s signature potato salad that everyone raves about — if only he’d share his secret ingredient! The summer season is ripe with opportunities to cook, bake, and celebrate together as a family. And, for many of us, recipes are a great way to commemorate this special time.

Why not create a cookbook chronicling your family’s tried-and-true recipes and the new ones that become fast favorites? It’s the perfect DIY to do with your kiddos — you’ll not only introduce them to healthy cooking, but you’ll share a piece of family history.

Creating Your Heirloom Cookbook

What You'll Need:

Favorite family recipes (old and new!)
Digital camera
Notebook or computer
A sense of adventure!

Tip 1: Aim For Recreating One Recipe Per Week

Aim for recreating a long-lost recipe once a week. Have your kids write their grandparents, asking them to share their favorite dishes. Encourage the family to identify some new ones they’d like to make too. For dessert, your kids might enjoy these healthy popsicle recipes that they can adapt by choosing their own ingredients. Then they can host a fun taste test!

Tip 2: Make Shopping A Family Affair

Once you’ve selected some promising recipes, create your shopping list and head to your local farmers’ market for those fresh ingredients. Having the kids help here will not only make your life easier, but they will have a blast.

Tip 3: Take Pictures Of Each Step

Take pictures throughout your prep and cooking! You’ll look back on those snapshots of your little one with flour all over his nose for years to come. Once you’ve captured the moment, remember to upload your pictures into a digital album on your computer and save for later.

Want more? Read all the steps to create your own family heirloom cookbook over at the Honest Blog and get cooking!

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