Inside Christian Toscano’s intriguing LA studio is one of the most amazing collections of herbs and tinctures we’ve ever seen. After training under famed herbalist 7Song on the East Coast for years, Christian has settled into her own herbal medicine practice here in LA, complete with her own California-sun-ripened herb garden. Wild-crafting these herbs herself, Christian then pulls from traditional Chinese medicine, folk herbalism and Western herbalism to treat clients with the best in herbal medicine. She has also recently put her knowledge of herbs to work in a line of beautiful and organic skincare called Roots Rose Radish.

We caught up with Christian for a little look at what mornings are like in her herb studio…

At 10am I’m usually… Drinking tea and glued to my computer!

Favorite tea: Nettles and lemon balm.

Go-to work bag: A big African basket that I have – I can harvest from my garden in it and it’s also great for carrying my notebooks and computer.

Lunch on a busy work day: Salad from the garden with some lemon from the tree.

Snack always on hand in studio: Rice crackers and baba ghanoush.

Favorite object in my studio: My Alembrick still, which is what I use to create all my hydrosols, essential oils, etc. It’s this big, beautiful, copper thing that I cannot live without!

What’s your daily diet: Earl Grey with lots of honey. Salads and smoothies – and the occasional chocolate chip cookie!

Necessary indulgence: Chocolate, red wine, and an epsom bath!

Favorite ingredient: Rose damanscena.

Beauty product I couldn’t live without: My Roots Rose Radish Rose Face Oil – I carry it with me everywhere and use it every morning.

Favorite herb to cook with: Raw basil – I guess that’s not really cooking. It’s also a great aphrodisiac!

Breakfast on the go: Smoothie with berry yogurt, milk, banana, and spirulina.

always growing in my garden: Broccoli, tomatoes, bok choy, culinary herbs, lettuce, cauliflower….

Garden-to-vanity beauty tip: Use avocado to make a great hair mask: just mash it up and massage into your hair! I also love honey for the skin – it’s great for blemishes.

Favorite herbal tea recipe: This nourishing, tonifying tea blend, below, is good for the nervous system and the female reproductive system. It is loaded with vitamins and nutrients and is especially nourishing and replenishing during menstrual times, when many nutrients and vitamins are lost.

  • Sweet Moon Time Tea Blend 
    Drink 3-4 cups per day a few days before your menses begin and all during your menses for optimal benefits.

  • Equal parts:

    Oatstraw - nourishing to the nervous system
    Raspberry Leaf - tonifies the smooth muscles of the uterus
    Nettles  - high is calcium and iron –  helps with menstrual cramps
    Lemon balm - relaxing and calming, helps to soothe an anxious mind

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