All we want for Christmas is plants — and maybe a few other pretty objects.

The pros at LA’s top plant paradise, Rolling Greens, narrowed down the best and worst plant gifts to give this holiday season. Instead of bringing your hostess a bouquet that’s bound to wilt in a few days, consider one of these lush, live and absolutely lovely plant gifts instead…

5 Best Plant Gifts Christmas Cactus: These plants grow really fast and have the temperament of a succulent.

Mini Trees: This time of year, rosemary and lavender are sold as mini trees as well as cedar and pine. Perfect holiday hostess gifts – and they smell good too!

Paperwhites: Simple yet elegant blooms that are easy to care for, making them a great hostess gift.

Amaryllis: Beautiful big blooms.

Poinsettia: Classic and bring a bright pop of color; they’re not as poisonous to animals as they are made out to be. They can upset a cat’s stomach, but a large amount needs to be ingested for it to be a severe problem.

5 Worst Plant Gifts Maidenhair fern: These ferns grow naturally along streams and waterfalls, so trying to make it thrive indoors can be a challenge. It is a nice alternative to cut flowers, however.

Fiddle Leaf Fig: These trees are finicky, finicky, finicky. They require very, very bright light, warm temperatures and high humidity.

Dumb Cane: This plant is highly toxic to animals and shouldn’t be gifted to anyone with furry friends or young children.

Hydrangea: Two words: water hog.

Firestick: This plant has highly irritating and has toxic sap in its branches when broken open.

Got your plant? Great! Now learn to keep it alive with these simple tips.

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