Whether you know a little or a lot about wellness, one thing is for sure – the quest for solid, comprehensive information about preventative health, holistic healing and detoxication is daunting. At first glance, there are conflicts in expert opinions, compartmentalized specialties, pop culture rhetoric, a lot of skeptical negativity, and plenty of voices from those with special interests. The lack of comprehensive natural wellness resources out there is what inspired the very creation of Pressed Juicery and The Chalkboard Mag.

No matter if, like us, you nerd out on nutrition and natural healing protocols, spending copious amounts of time googling your way through medical papers and less-than-lovely wellness resources, or if you simply latch on to a health trend or two a year to test the waters and slowly improve your own health – we get it. Learning about staying healthy is more complex today than it has ever been. It really is.

Summer before last, we featured the creators of Food Matters, James and Laurentine, as summer Guest Editors. Ever since we met these two, we’ve been blown away with the effect they’re having on wellness-seeking folks around the world, and we consider them friends. Like so many wellness pros we know, James and Laurentine’s journey started with a personal crisis. Their first documentary was actually a personal project for a family member – an attempt to convince a disease-stricken parent that the pursuit of health through natural means wasn’t crazy. After interviewing dozens of experts on holistic health and healing, they realized they had not just an effective tool for themselves, but one they could share with the world. That film has gone on to influence millions of people around the world with the reality that detoxification and a natural, holistic, whole foods diet and lifestyle can truly heal.

This month we’re giving a major shout out to our friends at Food Matters. What was once just a single documentary, has now become a whole media universe. Their own documentaries, plus a well-chosen selection of other films on the subject, expert interviews and healthy recipe videos will now be available through Food Matters’ launch of FMTV. FMTV is an online platform aimed at educating subscribers about true, effective, life-changing natural health protocols. It’s the ultimate wellness video library, and many of the videos are exclusive.

If you’re on the hunt for information about natural healing and holistic wellness, we highly recommend subscribing to FMTV. For a glimpse at the way Food Matters is helping to clarify, organize and illuminate the path toward health and healing, click over to check out their wellness guides (this one is for cancer and we think it’s one of the best we’ve seen.) Their team means business and knows what they’re talking about.

We’re spreading the news about FMTV and inviting Chalkboard readers to subscribe to all week long. Watch for our profiles of Food Matters’ experts like the producers of Super Juice Me and Love Bomb later this week. To learn more visit FMTV here. If you’re already interested in subscribing, just go to their subscription page and get set up for a year of ultimate wellness video access. What to watch first? We recommend Food Matters itself or another eye-opening doc named Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead.

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