Aerial view of 11 small cupcakes with different color toppings
  • Aerial view of 11 small cupcakes with different color toppings

Sometimes a simple indulgence turns into a full-on binge – especially when we’re talking Halloween. Once we give in to that Halloween sugar rush, it’s easy to fall into bad habits all season long and just let that downward spiral happen!

Learning how to remedy your cravings and recover from a sugar binge is crucial this time of year. We’ve got seven truly useful wellness tips for you to help you stay mindful and bounce back from that dull-feeling sugar coma!

1. Don’t beat yourself up

Your mindset is just as important in recovery as the food itself. We all need a little treat every now and again, and punishing doesn’t work. As we all know when it comes to restrictive diets, they actually make us more likely to cheat and reach for the cookie jar. Remind yourself, you are only human. Give yourself a break and put the past behind you. Moving forward, perhaps set aside a day a week or month to indulge that sweet tooth with 1 or 2 pieces of candy so it doesn’t lead to more.

2. Don’t starve yourself

You’re first thought may be to avoid food completely, but don’t! Consuming large quantities of sugar, and then not eating can send your blood sugar levels souring and then crashing down, leading to low blood sugar and irritability. The goal, stabilize your blood sugar by fueling your body with protein and fiber rich whole foods like fruits and veggies and simply prepared fish that satisfy and nourish, as well as control your blood sugar levels.

3. Hydrate away

Water, water, water! Your sugar intake has left your body dehydrated and acidic as it attempts to process the excess sugar. Now is the time to hydrate with alkaline mineral rich water. If you don’t have access to alkaline water, try adding a pinch of sea salt or lemon to your water to boost the alkalizing effects, or reach for a green juice packed with dark leafy greens and low fruit juice content. 

4. Soothe Indigestion

If your diet doesn’t usually consist of sweet treats, your cheat is bound to leave you feeling a bit off. A great remedy is making a soothing herbal tea from fresh ginger, licorice root, and mint. Similar to digestive bitters, these herbs will help to stimulate the production of digestive juices and help to soothe indigestion.

5. Take Magnesium

Magnesium is essential to help process sugar, and Americans in general are incredibly low to begin with in this necessary mineral, making it that much more important to supplement with it after a sugar binge. In addition to helping relieve the the sugar blues, magnesium also improves mood, insomnia, and digestion.

6. Boost Immunity

Have you ever noticed it’s always after you have been overindulgent that you seem to catch a cold? Sugar actually decreases your immune function, so after you indulge, it is important to bolster your system with something really good. Try immunity boosting mushrooms like chaga and reishi, oil of oregano and turmeric to help you bounce back fast.

7. Tackle Bloat

Sugar also feeds bacteria and changes the gut ecology. We rely on those beneficial bacterial strains for immunity but also for good mood, and of course, proper digestion. If you are feeling less than balanced, supplement with a good probiotic or sip on coconut water kefir (get our recipe in today’s story!) or kombucha until your digestion is back to normal.

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  1. Thanks for this compendium of good ideas.. one thing to add is green tea… it balances the blood glucose and oolong fat… so good to have for the day after…

    Danae | 11.06.2015 | Reply


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