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recently, we shared writer Annie Goodman’s experience with mushrooms and CBD products from NYC’s The Alchemist’s Kitchen (the story is not to be missed — check it out here).

With the emotional and physical challenges of the last two years, plants and products like these play a more important role than ever. As cannabis becomes mainstream and mushrooms rise to stardom, their potentially therapeutic benefits are only growing in popularity. The key is in understanding how to use these quickly growing categories of products wisely.

Although we’ve been adding things like reishi, chaga and CBD to our wellness routines for years, we’re still learning when it comes to deeper topics like microdosing and therapeutic cannabis.

If you find yourself as curious as we are, you’ll be excited to learn about the workshop below that our team will be signing up for as well.

Hosted by NYC’s The Alchemist’s Kitchen, this online workshop is designed to take our mushroom, hemp and herbal knowledge to the next level in a way we can use everyday. Here are all the details…

The Rebel’s Apothecary Workshop

What: a 4-part workshop series with Jenny Sansouci designed to teach you about the cannabis plant – THC, CBD, and other medicinal compounds, the 7 most potent medicinal mushrooms in the mushroom kingdom, creating your own “rebel’s apothecary” at home, and micro-dosing vs. therapeutic dosing for deep inner work.

Where: At home, of course. This series is fully online, but there are options to receive accompanying products from The Alchemist’s Kitchen, plus Jenny’s book by mail before you get started!

The Courses: Class 1 will cover cannabis and CBD, Class 2 medicinal mushrooms, Class 3 is all about using the above in your regular routine, Class 4 is on psilocybin.

The Host: Jenny Sansouci is the author of The Rebel’s Apothecary: A Practical Guide to the Healing Magic of Cannabis, CBD, and Mushrooms. Jenny is a Certified Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and has been trained by functional medicine doctor Frank Lipman, MD, in New York City.

The Products: You can purchase the Workshop Series alone, but there is also an option to include Jenny’s book as well as these products from The Alchemist’s Kitchen: Plant Alchemy CBD cultivated from organic flower grown outdoors and extracted in small batches, plus Clarity Spagyric Mushroom Tincture with Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Cat’s Claw and Bacopa Spagyric Extracts.

Join the Workshop Series in the next week or so and enjoy the courses at your leisure from home! JOIN NOW

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