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A New Year is around the corner, and what a wild ride it’s been to get here. As we reflect on how we got here and where we want to be this time next year, we’re gathering tools to help us launch into a new stage with wide eyes and an open heart. According to the pro crystal healers at Energy Muse, rainbow moonstone is the perfect pairing to a time of blessings and new beginnings. For our latest Crystal Of The Month, we’re tapping into the transformative energy of this pretty stone. Explore below…

What you should know: This is the perfect crystal for embracing your feminine energy — but that doesn’t mean rainbow moonstone energy is only beneficial for women! Anyone who needs to calm the mind, relax the spirit and tap into intuition will enjoy working with rainbow moonstone. By helping to release negative self-doubts and embrace your inner strength, the resilient power of rainbow moonstone will guide you to positive new beginnings.

How it heals:  We’ve all had times in our lives when we allowed ourselves to become overstressed and overwhelmed. All that doom and gloom thinking is bound to have a negative effect on your emotions. Tension in the mind causes the spirit to spin out of balance. To bring stability back to your emotional center, you need an infusion of rainbow moonstone energy. Let this stone be the rainbow after an emotional storm. It enhances intuition, helping you recognize the silver linings of situations, and brings stress into perspective.

Often when we focus so much on anxiety, it begins to taint our whole view on life. Connecting with rainbow moonstone heals the spirit by cleansing and rejuvenating all of the chakras. This gets new energy circulating as it breaks through the blocks that stress and/or sadness has built. But this is also where your new beginning can sprout. Once you recognize the blessings that abound, you can pursue more abundance, become comfortable with what you have and will be willing to take measured risks to achieve more. Again, the stone is all about seeing those silver linings and rainbows.

Where to keep it: Place the rainbow moonstone on your bedside table, so that you can connect with the soothing vibes as you sleep. This is an especially beneficial stone for young children because it can ease the worries and fears that keep kids up at night. Help your little ones fall into sweet dreams by filling their imagination with gentle rainbow energy. Set the rainbow moonstone on the windowsill of their bedroom so it can absorb and emit positive moonlight energy.

How to use it: There are several ways you can enjoy the peaceful vibrations of the rainbow moonstone. Sometimes it can be hard to get into the sync of meditation. So if you find your mind won’t stop worrying, find a quiet place in your home to lay flat on the ground. Set a tumbled piece of rainbow moonstone on your third eye chakra. The energy of rainbow moonstone is believed to guide you toward the perspective you need and help you better frame situations toward the positive. It helps you calm the mind. It helps you recognize the patterns that have lead you to the present and how you can have a healthier beginning for yourself with more positive patterning. You can also wear a rainbow moonstone if you want to carry that uplifting energy around with you.

This supportive, nurturing crystal energy will help you remain emotionally stable. So if you feel a breakdown coming, accessorize with rainbow moonstone. As a stone of fertility, rainbow moonstone is great for women wanting to become pregnant. Sometimes we, as women, have a hard time getting pregnant because we can’t stop thinking about why we haven’t gotten pregnant — it’s a vicious cycle. That’s why rainbow moonstone is the perfect energy to tap into. It helps you break that cycle and recognize a healthier one. Heal the mind with rainbow moonstone meditation or just by sleeping with it by your side.

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