Tucked in an historic district of LA sits Rachel Craven’s beautiful home and studio space. Though you might want to make a beeline for her light-filled kitchen or lemon-verbena-scented garden, it’s the perfectly set dining room table that truly steals the show. Rachel has quickly made a name for herself as the leader in linen and textile design in Los Angeles, and for good reason. She has created hand-stitched and printed table clothes, pillows, napkins and aprons for some of LA’s most tasteful residents and stores (artists such as Louise Bonnet and designers like Beatrice Valenzuela and Jenni Kayne are fans and she sells her wares at the always-inspiring Heath). Of course, it’s not surprising that the woman responsible for these dreamy table essentials would also have a home that is as cozy as it is airy, filled with recipes, books, pottery from her mother’s kiln, art from friends and her two sons and delicious food and drinks. In Rachel’s kitchen, you come to see the linens and stay for a cup of herb-infused tea and some gluten-free bruschetta—all artfully put together, as only Rachel can!

What’s your daily diet:
“I eat lots of frittatas and salad. I make them for breakfast and I end up eating them for lunch or sometimes dinner. My favorite right now is with Swiss chard and ricotta, plus I add potato and leeks.”

Entertaining go-to: “Ratatouille with grilled meat or fish using veggies I buy at the Farmers’ Market.”

Dinner on a busy night: “Pasta (rice pasta, as my son is gluten free) with kale from my garden. Then I add olives, feta and olive oil from Farmers’ market…yum!”

Quick breakfast: “Avocado toast (using Udi’s gluten free bread) with California olive oil and sea salt.”

Changes in diet if you’re gearing up for a big event or vacation: “I give up the sugar.”

Usual workout: “Are rare but hikes are my favorite. I have two boys, so I’m always running.”

Necessary indulgence: “Chocolate. I’m addicted to dark chocolate—any Mast Brothers combination bought at Cookbook.”

Favorite cookbook: “Right now it’s Italian Easy Recipes from London River Cafe. Everything in it is so good!”

Kitchen gadget: “Cuisinart.”

Pantry essential: “Good California olive oil. I buy it by the gallon from Cookbook grocery or the Farmers’ Market.”

Ingredient that makes everything taste better: “Sea salt and olive oil.”

Your dream meal: “My friends and family in Tuscany because everything there just tastes better.”

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