We’re obsessed with efficiency. We adore anyone who can cut through the clutter and get to the point. And we love a good curated list. Double all those sentiments when it comes to the key shopping seasons in life: wedding planning when engaged, every year around the holidays, and those first few months of pregnancy. As we’ve yet to experience firsthand, being pregnant seems to be the most harried of life’s “shopping seasons.” We’ve wished on many a bestie’s behalf for a streamlined master list of everything required to prep for baby from a source we trust. Rachel Blumenthal’s new Cricket Circle is the closest thing we’ve ever found!

Just as we’d imagine we would, Rachel reached out to friends everywhere for checklists and resources of all kinds once she found she was pregnant. Realizing she wasn’t alone in the wish for an all-inclusive guide, she created her own, and it has just the flexibility and practicality needed to make it universal. Cricket’s Circle generates personalized registries based on your responses to a quiz, provides honest product reviews, and hosts list after lovely list of curated solutions to common mommy needs.

This momma has got it all together. With her great taste – bolstered by a background at YSL, her savvy business sense – supported by her Warby Parker-founding husband Neil, and endless inspiration from son Griffin, Rachel is providing the kind of efficient tool for consumers we love to see popping up on the web. We asked Rachel to share a few of her own favorite staples as a green mom on the go. We love her picks. Read up and register at Cricket’s Circle to stream-line your mommy shopping experience!

Homemade Smoothies

My three year old son, Griffin, is very into smoothies right now. Fortunately for me (someone who is not particularly inclined in the kitchen), this is something I’m really good at, and it is so much fun to do together. He takes everything he wants to include out of the refrigerator himself and I help him pour. I had to advise against string cheese recently, but other than that, he can basically put anything in a smoothie. Next time, I’d love to try and sneak in Pressed Juicery’s Strawberry Apple Lime for some extra nutrients!

Perfect Snacks

Organic seaweed snack packs for both of us – we could eat these all day long. The downside is that the little pieces get everywhere. I also love Good2Go bars for a little extra protein and energy on the run.

BeautyCounter everything

Namely the Wash Everyday Bodywash, Hydrate Everyday Body Lotion, Clean Everyday Shampoo, and Rinse Everyday Conditioner. I’m a beauty-school dropout, but when I find great products that are safe, I become their unsolicited publicist.

Wipe Away The Day

Earth’s Best and Honest Company wipes to clean hands and everything else all the time. Although we generally use these for Griffin, I find myself pulling them out of my bag every chance I get.

Daily Probiotics

Keeping your gut (gross word!) healthy helps to maintain energy levels, and prevent sickness and muscle tension headaches (at least for me).

3 Free Nail Polish

Deborah Lippman and Mischo nail polish I always travel with my favorite colors and take comfort in knowing they are safe (I live by the ewg.org rating system and both are “3 free” or “5 free”). When Griffin was a newborn I would skip my pinky finger since he would suck on it.

Sunscreen For All

TruKid sunscreen for Griffin and BeautyCounter Broad Spectrum sunscreen for me. My mom is 60 and looks like she’s 40 – I’m going to follow her lead and religiously wear sunscreen.

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