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when I’m having one of those days where I find my nervous system is stuck in “fight or flight”, I take a break and pop one of Prima’s Chill-Out Chews.

The Chews are now a regular part of my favorite evening ritual. I start the night with a complete unplug — silencing my phone, pouring a cup of tea, running a soothing bath, unwrapping a Chill-Out Chew, and then slipping into a guided meditation in bed.

As a holistic practitioner, I’m always looking for ways to support and soothe my nervous system. Life in LA requires a multi-layered let down from the chaos of it all. Magnesium is one of my favorite minerals to calm and regulate the body and brain and these Chews are packed with it.

prima cbd chews review

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When The Chalkboard editors sent me Prima’s newest product to see what I thought, I was excited to try them. One chew is pretty potent and chills my nervous system to just the right level almost immediately so that I feel fully functional, but not drowsy.

The Chews’ vitamin and mineral content alone actually makes them more of a “stress multivitamin”. That’s something so many of my clients are looking for and to be able to recommend a product that’s experienced almost like candy? Pretty great.prima cbd chews review

I tend to be quite sensitive, so even a glass of wine can be too much for me at times and I certainly can’t handle the strength of modern-day marijuana. Prima Chill-Out Chews provide immediate calm and when paired with a guided meditation – it’s all I need to unplug from the energy of the day and feel a sense of centeredness and grounding.

A unique combination of CBD, vitamins and minerals, the chews help to ease tension and bring the body into a more relaxed state:

+ A blend of neuro-supportive nutrients with powerful antioxidant properties to ease the effects of everyday stress and support healthy adrenal function.
+ Organic hemp extract
+ Bio-available magnesium

The chews have been the perfect option to take the edge off and a wonderful way to calm down without alcohol. Discover Prima’s Chill Out Vegan CBD Chews for yourself. Get an exclusive 20% off with code TCM20 – tell us what you think once you give them a try!

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