Here's what you'll need...
  • Here's what you'll need...
  • Pour the ingredients together!
  • Mix it up!
  • Use generously!

With the weather warming up outside, it’s the perfect time to bring out your favorite pair of shorts and sandals! To get your legs and feet summer ready, I recommend giving them a good scrub. Just 2 simple ingredients can do  wonders in exfoliating your skin.

Ingredients: 1/2 cup of coconut oil and 1 cup of sugar
Directions: Combine ingredients together. Mix well with a spoon. Use the scrub in the shower, rinse well and pat dry.

The mixture will make a paste that provides a good scrub, while the baby oil leaves your skin silky smooth. If you’re planning on using a self tanner on your legs, exfoliating them is the 1st step to getting an even glow. Also, the scrub is the perfect treatment before you step into your sandals!  Give this easy scrub a try and say hello to soft beautiful skin!

Until next time, stay pretty… inside and out.
Mindy from Pretty Gossip

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