Malibu farm makes our short list for the ultimate summer day in LA — Malibu, to be specific! There’s something about the experience of hovering above the waves of the Pacific at this timeless cafe — salty air sweeping by and colorful farm-fresh food piled high on our plates — that simply feels like magic.

We’ve featured several recipes from the iconic L.A. cafe over the years and we’re pulling them back up for you for a summer of light, fresh and healthful celebrations.

A while back, we spent a full day out at Malibu Farm whipping up these watermelon cocktails during our chat with food contributor and Day Drinking author, Kat Odell. (Check out the Facebook Live here!)

This gin-based drink below is light enough for a daytime romp around the pool, but sophisticated enough to serve when the sun dips and the string lights start glowing. The other cocktail can be found here: a spicy margarita with rosé tequila (yup, you heard us).

Both drinks are easy to make, since they rely on the complex flavors found in Pressed Juicery’s watermelon juice.

Sorry to say that neither of these cocktails are on the menu in Malibu, but we suggest spending the day out in the ‘bu and stopping by a Pressed Juicery for cocktail supplies on the way home!

Spicy Gin Watermelon Cocktail


2 oz gin (vodka or tequila will also work!)
1 oz Pressed Juicery Watermelon
3/4 oz lime juice
1/2 oz agave simple syrup

For garnish:
lime zest
watermelon ball
fresh jalapeno slice


Slice jalapeno, make watermelon ball with a melon baller and zest lime (one long curled strip). Squeeze fresh lime juice. Set aside.

Add water to agave to make simple syrup – for a sweeter drink, make a more concentrated simple syrup; for less sweetness, add more water than agave.

Combine cocktail ingredients, mix well and pour over ice. Add garnishes and serve immediately.

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