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We love a box of dark chocolates and there could never be enough peonies in our lives, but this year for Valentine’s Day, we’re most excited about these tiny juice Valentine’s from Pressed Juicery.

Today through Valentine’s Day, Pressed is offering free mini juice-grams to send to all the friends, lovers and former flames you’re thinking about this Feb.

There are three juicy Valentine’s to choose from this year: Strawberry Almond (sweet love), Citrus 2 (squad love), and Charcoal Lemonade (love detox). Hop online, select the appropriate gram, write a personal message to accompany the email they’ll receive, and send it to as many Valentine’s as you like.

pressed juicery valentines

How It Works: Head to PressedJuicery.com, pick your flavor, decide who you’d like to gift and enter a custom message with their email address. Your Valentines can pick up their free juice gram at a Pressed Juicery location near them. Best of all, you get a free juice gram too. Juice grams are only available from February 2 – 14. START GRAMMING HERE

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