Puppies. Babies. Mini juices. We’re in love with tiny versions of the things we adore most and we know you get it.

Today through Valentine’s Day, Pressed Juicery is offering free mini juice-grams that can be sent to lovers, friends and other miscellaneous humans you think could use a delicious thrill. The best part? One of the flavors available is Pressed’s new baby pink Strawberry Almond – one of the best nut milk flavors we’ve tasted anywhere in a long time and sweetened with a splash of coconut water.

Get all the info on this lovable little gesture below, and send a free juice-gram ASAP: if not just to make someone’s day, then because you get a gram for yourself when you send one to someone else! Hello, no-brainer…

How To Send A Juice Gram

Step One: Pick A Juice

Pick from three options: Red (Roots 3) for Love, Yellow (Citrus 2) for Friendship or Pink (Pressed’s new Strawberry Almond) for Joy.

Step Two: Send A Juice

Enter the recipient’s info here to have their juice gram (and yours!) ready to pick up at the closest Pressed location. Juice grams are available from February 2nd to February 14th only!

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