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Take A Look Inside Each Pressed Juicery Location
Hooray For Hollywood: Pressed Juicery West Hollywood

8714 Santa Monica Blvd - West Hollywood, CA 90069

Most Popular: Greens 3 (greens + apple + lemon + ginger)
Employee Favorite: Coconut Water smoothie with Coconut Almond Date base
FAQ: "How many calories are in your juices?" All of Pressed Juicery's juices fall between 50-300 calories per bottle. For exact nutritional information, you can visit the nutritional benefits page on the Pressed website.
Fun Fact: Pressed Juicery Weho is one of the only stores with smoothies!



Take A Look Inside Each Pressed Juicery Location

The word is spreading from San Francisco to Studio City that there is a new kid on the block. Pressed is officially booming, and expanding to your favorite neighborhoods across the coast. From the sleek, gorgeous storefronts to the gregarious employees, from the rainbow-juiced refrigerators to the chalkboard accents, your nearest Pressed Juicery outpost might very well become your own personal “Cheers” (everybody knows your name!) Walking into a Pressed Juicery is about so much more than simply picking up a bottle of green juice: it is about supportive community, shared wisdom, vibrant living, and the smallest changes that make the biggest differences. In other words, walking into a Pressed Juicery feels like home.

We’ve compiled a set of fun facts and FAQs to catch a glipse of each Pressed Juicery store, from the original Brentwood “juice box” to the newest Bay Area beauty. Take a peek and tell us – which is your favorite?

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