Letter From January’s Guest Editor: Pressed Juicery

Meet the team behind Pressed Juicery and learn about detoxing juice cleanses—the best way to start 2013!

For January, we asked the detox experts at Pressed Juicery to share with us some of their best tips and tricks for getting and staying healthy. PJ founders Hayden Slater, Carly Brien and Hedi Gores will be sharing their best advice for detoxing, cleansing and how something as simple as one green juice a day can make you look, feel and do better!

It’s a new year and with the beginning of 2013 comes the busiest time of year for our team here at Pressed Juicery, as a whole new group of health-minded individuals try our juice cleanse for the very first time. Throughout the year, we constantly welcome first-time cleansers into our Pressed family, but we seem to grow more in January than at any other time of year, as folks get excited about shedding the past 12 months and entering the new year on a fresh note. It is these folks who we enthusiastically welcome as members of our growing community, whether meeting them in our stores or through countless emails and phone calls. We never grow tired of helping each new cleanser get a hold of their health in a whole new way and often find our mantra over at The Chalkboard to be as true as ever: ‘Everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn.’

This January – more than any year before – is an exciting season for us as we open new stores in some of our favorite LA neighborhoods and launch into our newest territory: San Francisco! Our friends and fellow juicers in San Francisco have been asking us to come to town for quite some time, and we’re thrilled to be introducing a whole new spectrum of health-minded folks to their first juice cleanse!

At Pressed, we’ve seen it all and talked to thousands of you about your cleanse experiences and juicing questions. This month on The Chalkboard, we’ll be digging deep and dishing out the best tips and tricks we’ve learned for a successful cleanse experience. We’ll be sharing ideas for clean living on a daily basis and passing on advice from some of our most trusted experts. Engaging in a detoxing cleanse at every change in season is key to keeping vibrantly healthy, and drinking green juices on a daily basis can do wonders for your health! We’ll be talking about all of it and you won’t want to miss any of the exclusive giveaways and guides we’ll be sharing to get you in a fresh-pressed state of mind!

Since we started Pressed Juicery just two short years ago, we’ve been on a mission to bring people to the belief that life can be better every single day and that the simplest way to make this so is through those small choices toward a healthier lifestyle. Our contribution to that way of life is by offering folks the best fresh juice we can make. We’ve learned from experience that when you treat your body well, your mind and emotions follow suit. So many of the elements of life begin to fall into place when we give our bodies the care they deserve.

When we started this company, we never imagined that children would be happily drinking the green juices stocked in their families’ fridges, or that full offices would be cleansing together in an effort to improve the health of a company. We never imagined delivering juice all across the country from Miami to Seattle and everywhere in between. We love knowing that so many busy people now have easy access to health – right in a bottle.

As many of our customers now experience for themselves, we were amazed when we first felt the effects that a green juice a day had on our health. Then there were our first 3-day cleanses, and the results were astounding. When we began creating juices that taste as great as our juices do and yet provide an incredible amount of nutrients straight into the body, we knew we were on to something with the potential to change so many people’s lives for the better. With all the confusion, cynicism and overwhelm about health these days, we realized just how revolutionary it could be to provide folks with these simple tools to dramatically improve their state of wellness.

Whether you get fresh bottled green juices delivered to your home, pick them up at our stores on your way to yoga or have them delivered half-way across the country; whether you work 3-day juice cleanses into your spring cleaning ritual or make a juice cleanse part of your simplest New Year’s resolutions, we love helping so many of you “get back to your roots”.  We believe that by paring down life to it’s essentials, you’re better able to map out your best life.

Here at The Chalkboard, we have been able to explore so many of these themes with all of you, and have drawn so much inspiration from our contributors and readers, all of whom are constantly striving to be their best selves. We saw it fitting that for this month of new beginnings, we, as the founders of Pressed Juicery, would wipe our slate clean once again and open it up to all of you.

Happy New Year. Let’s start here.

Carly Brien, Hayden Slater and Hedi Gores, co-founders, Pressed Juicery

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