Practicing Yoga With Master Teachers

Recently, I had the incredible honor of talking class with David Life, cofounder of Jivamukti. The class was amazing and transformative, serving as further proof of the power of satsang (gathering of like-minded individuals). David had us tap into the vibration that is all around us and within us, reverberating through everything. We rolled our mats aside and pressed into the wooden floor to feel the vibration to begin class. We om-ed on each exhale as we did sun salutations, keeping pace with each other. I could feel the classroom come together, as everyone had to let go, breathe, om and move together.

This is the power of master teachers, of years of experience, study and practice – they inspire! They transmit the teachings and uplift their students to boldly push through barriers. It’s electrifying to practice with a teacher who is so immersed in yoga, so well read and so deeply experienced. Master teachers are all over this country, teaching workshops, holding classes, giving teachings. Find them! Learn from them. See the living proof of a committed, long-term yoga practice and be inspired.

David is humble and kind. I am so grateful to David and Sharon for creating the Jivamukti Method and building the community of which I am a part. I thank them for the incredibly deep teachings they pour over the students of Jivamukti and for the unending well of inspiration that they provide.

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