Post-Pandemic Wellness Tips To Support The New You

Recently, we  spoke with Lisa McCardle, an intuitive/medium and spiritual teacher who was introduced to us by holistic bodywork coach, Lauren Roxburgh. As we shared a private conversation with Lisa about what comes next and our hopes and fears about  ‘getting back’ to business, Lisa laughed. “There is no going back”, she assured us…

There is no “going back”. In 2020, the pandemic threw a proverbial wrench into the works and the master cog of a moving-too-fast world came to a screeching halt. In the blink of an eye, everything changed.

As the machine began to slowly turn again this and last year, it became essential for many of us to acknowledge that, in many ways, there is no going back to how things once were.

Many of us have seen, or maybe even experienced, the alarming increase in social anxiety that has occurred since the pandemic’s onset in early 2020. As happy as some are to get back out into the world, many are faced with a foreboding anxiety around social events, in-person experiences, and maybe even simple meals out in restaurants. Others are riding through waves of extreme PTSD.

“It is essential to acknowledge that you are a different person than you were just two years ago…”

It is essential to acknowledge that you are a different person than you were just two years ago and that the world is different too. You are no doubt more sensitive to people and your environment. You may have less tolerance for noise, light, and other external stimulation. You may also find yourself tiring more quickly than you had before or becoming overwhelmed by simple tasks. Do you find less pleasure in some of the things that used to bring you great joy?

Here are six ways to move in the world that support the new you…

01 Release the Expectations | There is no returning to business as usual. You are a different person than you were, and the world is a different place. Show up, be present and curious about what is possible, and be willing to pivot and adjust as needed. The release of expectations takes the pressure off of having to be or behave in any way that is no longer authentic and true to who you have become.

02 Pace Yourself | Moving back into the world slowly is the key. Be mindful to take one step at a time. Start with smaller gatherings before saying yes to huge gala events. Find your new comfort zone and stay there as long as you need to. Allow your new social shoes to be broken in slowly with a focus on intimacy and connection with likeminded and like-hearted people, those precious souls who soothe and inspire you. Quality over quantity is essential for an enjoyable walk in.

03 Listen to Your Intuition | When it comes time to gather, tune in to your inner wisdom. See if this experience is truly the right place at the right time for you to show up and say ‘yes’. This level of listening requires pause, presence, and a willingness to get quiet and feel your way forward. Listen to your gut and not your head. Taking the ‘should’ off the table allows your nervous system to relax while allowing you to be guided intuitively forward.

04 Set Boundaries | This is the cornerstone of healthy communication that allows you to be in healthy relationships with those in your life. Boundaries serve to bring people together in conscious, loving, and honoring ways. The less boundaries others have, the stronger yours need to be. Here are a few:

+ It’s ok to say no if you’re not feeling up to a social gathering.
+ It’s ok to change your mind and say no after you have already said yes.
+ It’s ok to leave early if it all feels like too much.
+ It’s ok to bring someone with you. Bring your bestie who you feel comfortable with and who understands how it is for you to navigate social experiences in a new way.
+ It’s ok to say, “Thank you for the invitation. My answer now is maybe. I’d like to feel into my response as the event gets closer and see how I am feeling at that time. Is that ok with you?”

05 Give Space for Integration | It is essential to give yourself some down time as well as some space for integration after a social engagement. For some, one or two gatherings a week is enough, while, for others, that is more than enough. Be mindful to take a day or more in between social gatherings to find yourself and your natural rhythm again.

06 Practice Energetic Hygiene | Saved the best for last. No doubt you take care of your physical hygiene daily. Some also support their mental and emotional systems daily, but the energy body needs attention too.

The simplest way to prepare your energy body for social engagement is to close your eyes and envision yourself in a bubble of pure white light. Put on this vision of light just like you would put on a coat when it’s chilly outside. After a stimulating social event, it is important to ‘shower’ your energy body. Envision light coming down from heaven and allow this light to pour over and through your body, releasing everyone and everything you encountered. You can do this simply through visualization — or paired with an actual shower, which is even more potent. Let everyone and everything wash away. This resets your personal energy field.

It is important to know that you are not alone. We are all navigating this experience, even though it looks different from one person to another. You are doing amazingly well. Keep going. Know that, in time, you and the earth herself will be fully integrated into a healthier, happier, and entirely new way of being.

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