My last DIY was such a hit with readers I wanted to share yet another easy, spring-ready necklace that is industrial chic and easy to make. Just make sure you have some essentials on hand and after a few simple steps you’ll be ready to go!


  • Strapping or twill tape or ribbon, 1″ wide
  • Large washers (1 3/8″ across with a 7/16″ interior opening
  • Scissors


1. Cut a piece of 1″ strapping or twill tape or ribbon approx 60″ long. 

2. Take five large washers and string them on the strap so the last washer on the right has the strap coming out through the washer and coming across the top. Make sure they are centered on the the strap. 

3. Then, take the strap from the right side and put in back under the washer, pulling through the center. Keep the strand you are working with to the “top” edge of the original strand that went through the washers.

4. Repeat this with the other washers, alternating under the next washer and through the center, weaving the strap through the washers.

5. Go all the way through the washers. 

6. There will be two strands coming from the washers now, the shorter end you had just woven through the washers and the longer end. Take the longer end and weave back through the washers on the “bottom” edge of the original strand that went through the washers. Go through all the washers.

7. You now have two relatively equal strands coming from each end of your woven washers. Take each end and string it through the loop that holds the washer on the end and knot the right side. Repeat for the left. 

8. You are done! just knot the ends at the length you want. Variations for this necklace could include playing around with the width of the strap or ribbon, the size and material of the washer, and using more washers to go around the entire necklace (probably only a good idea with a smaller washer as they get heavy!).

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