The New Word On Sugar: Staying Alkaline With Healthier Sweets

The year is still quite new and it’s a new season to adopt a more healthy lifestyle. A huge part of the pH Miracle mission is to make healthy food that taste great! Most kids  -and adults, who are just big kids – eat for taste, so it’s really important that healthy food tastes good to or people won’t stay with it. There is emerging research that cautioning us about our sugar intake. We have been taking sugars – even fruit sugars out of the diet of sick and tired people for many years because they cause high acidity in the blood and tissues. We already know that sugar causes diabetes and obesity, but too many people – even medical doctors – have yet to realize the significant role that sugar plays in acidic cancer cells and tumors and how they metabolize. We know that sugars proliferate yeasts, molds and bacteria loads in the bloodstream. We also see those same loads diminish in the blood when we take sugars out of the diet. As we all know, taking away sugar can be an adjustment. Something sweet simply tastes good.

So, how do we at the pH Miracle Center keep our patients healthy and happy? Here are a few healthy and sweet tricks of the trade…

  • Green Milk every morning!

    Green milk is what we call our blend of fresh green juices like spinach, celery, parsley, cucumber, kale, romaine and cabbage with fresh silky nut and seed milks - usually almond or hazelnut milk - which is our favorite. It is delicious! And holds a humbler, more pancreas-friendly sweetness that is so refreshing first thing in the morning. I love this blend so much that I drink it all throughout the day! If you're someone who is just getting into fresh juicing or doing your first juice cleanse, the green milk is a great way to go, not only to add the wonderful alkalizing elements and B-vitamins from the greens, but also Vitamin E, calcium and magnesium from the almond milk! You can go half green juice, half almond milk for a very creamy version, or you can simply fill your glass with mostly the juice of greens and then use the almond milk as a "creamer" on top. That's how I like it best! Either way, this is a sweet way to get your blood fortified and cleansed in a tasty new way!

  • Red Pepper Licorice

    Another thing I do to satisfy my sweet tooth is make "red licorice" out of red bell peppers. Simply core and cut up red bell peppers into thin strips and place them on a dehydrator tray and dehydrate them just until they slightly bend. They are chewy and sweet! I take them to the movies or keep a stash in my car when I want something chewy.  You can also continue to dehydrate them to a crisp consistency and grind them into a powder in your VitaMix (or other blender) and sprinkle over your soups, shakes and salads. Incredibly colorful and sweet!

  • Palm Coconut Blossom Sweetener

    Once a person has their health back and there is no sign of cancer or inflammation in their system, I use the new palm coconut blossom sweetener that can be found in health food stores. This sweetener is a dried form of the sap that comes from coconut blossoms. I use it in our Coconut Citrus Kale Chips, in our shakes and our Super Soy Pudding when we want a treat!

  • Enjoy these sweet treat ideas. Click through here to check out some of the most recent research on the effects of sugar. Make new and healthier choices this year when it come to the sweets in your life!

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