Perrey Reeves is the co-creator of every yogi’s paradise, The Sanctuary at Two Rivers in Costa Rica. Best known for playing one half of our favorite television couples of all time as Mrs. Ari on HBO’s hit show, Entourage, Perrey is also a life-long veggie, animal advocate and yogi extraordinaire. Together with Liz Lindh, the yogini, Chinese medicine practitioner and natural health expert, Perrey has created a world-class yoga destination on every retreat-junkie’s short list. The Sanctuary at Two Rivers is green through and through – 100% solar-powered! – and offers an exhilarating, healing, off-the-grid experience for anyone craving a little jungle-steeped yoga immersion.

We asked Liz and Perrey to tell us what inspired them to create this yogic paradise and we’re living vicariously through the images and insights they’ve shared with us – and dreaming of a little tropical getaway in the near future!

The Chalkboard Mag: What inspired the building of the Sanctuary retreat?
Liz Lindh: The inspiration behind The Sanctuary at Two Rivers comes from the fact that in today’s technologically-driven modern world of suburban and urban living, people are moving faster, consuming more, and want it all now. There is a deep need to slow down and reconnect to oneself and to nature. We want to provide a place where people can come to affect real change in their lives, to invest in their own health and wellness, to experience a week-long immersion and strengthen their bodies, clear their minds and brighten their spirits.

TCM: You spend so much time in Costa Rica now. Tell us what people may not know about Costa Rica:
Perrey Reeves: I love that The Sanctuary is located in a Blue Zone. This means that it is one of five places on Earth with a concentrated population of the oldest people in the world! The Sanctuary at Two Rivers is located in the fountain of youth!

TCM: What is it you intend visitors to experience at the retreat?
Liz: My intention is for guests to experience personal growth and transformation in a fun and simple way. We create a nourishing space where the distractions of everyday urban life do not exist and from that stillness, the organic unfolding of clarity, inspiration and imagination are put into motion.

TCM: Tell us what the most common reaction is to arriving at the retreat center:
Perrey: People are always surprised to arrive at The Sanctuary because it is in the middle of the jungle and there are no roads up to it. It looks as if it has magically appeared, like a fairy village! The stunning flowers and trees, the beautiful modern treehouses and a majestic yoga pagoda are like an oasis for balancing the senses!

TCM: This is a yoga retreat for…
Liz: This is a yoga retreat for those with an open mind, kind heart and adventurous spirit, and I’ve seen all of those qualities emerge from the most unusual suspects here, so it really is for everyone.

TCM: Best spot at The Sanctuary:
Perrey: My favorite spot at The Sanctuary is a hidden waterfall right on the property. It is always flowing with beautiful fresh water and to sit in the pool beneath and look up at the foliage, and often monkeys, I am as peaceful as I could ever be!
Liz: It’s hard to narrow it down to one spot, but the yoga pagoda is pretty spectacular. It has a floating teak floor, a super high ceiling and is completely open to the surrounding jungle and tropical gardens. We have a great sound system in there too.

TCM: What is your favorite experience at The Sanctuary:
Perrey: I love the wildlife in the jungle. I would say my favorite experience is to sit quietly and wait to see what beautiful birds and animals arrive. The monkeys, the iguanas, the coatimundis and the tayras are my favorite along with the motmot birds.

TCM: The Sanctuary is such an impressive piece of property. Tell us a few of the green design elements to note:
Liz: The Sanctuary at Two Rivers is a 100% solar-powered facility producing twenty kilowatts of energy every day. This results in the direct removal of over 7,000 pounds of CO2 pollutants per year. We serve only locally sourced organic vegetarian or vegan cuisine, which greatly reduces our negative impact on the health of our planet. We used eco-consciously farmed teak for all of our structural wood. All of our twelve structures are elevated off the ground because we did not want to flatten the natural contours of the earth. We did not use heavy machinery to build the center but rather manpower and shovels. We planted over 300 organic tropical fruit trees throughout the forty-acre property. For every tree that had to be removed during construction we planted at least four new ones elsewhere on the property. We use solar hot-water heaters for a glorious jungle shower experience. We use low-volume toilets. We have a German-engineered solar-powered pool pump. We use LED and compact fluorescent light bulbs. And of course, we recycle, use non-toxic cleaners, soaps and detergents, do not use or sell bottled water, nor wasteful bath amenities.

TCM: What are three must-haves yogis should pack when headed to The Sanctuary?
Liz: Swimming suit, flashlight or headlamp, and river shoes.

TCM: The yoga is central to life at Two Rivers. What is the most popular yoga session?
Liz: Every moment at The Sanctuary is yoga, not just the time on the mat. Our most popular offering for retreat guests is the Waterfall Beauty Ritual: we set our intentions, use house-made elixirs of indigenous herbs, minerals, fruits, oils and flowers to adorn, heal and beautify from head to toe, spend some time in silent meditation to connect with nature, and then enjoy a cleansing swim in one of our secret swimming holes beneath a rushing waterfall. It is heavenly!

TCM: Current mantra:
Perrey:  “Just because you can do it doesn’t mean you have to.” Meaning sometimes it’s okay to say no.
Liz: Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu. May all beings everywhere be happy and free!

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