We’re living vicariously through a pair of travelers fresh from the Argentinian/Chilean border. Patagonia is a top destination for any self-respecting backpacker and one of the most intriguing vacations for adventure-junkies offered by Adventure International. One of the coolest travel services we’ve come across in a while, Adventure International is a service that began years ago with just a few African safaris led by local guides. They now offer some of the most incredible travel expeditions in the world, criss-crossing continents to the most exotic locations all with a focus on keeping a light footprint and enhancing the livelihood of local communities.

There are a few of these excursions we’re more likely to enjoy through the lens of another’s camera – the gorilla tracking trips and mountain-biking safaris are well beyond our almond milk latte-drinking grasp. But others, like this amazing Eco Camp in Patagonia and the Tanzanian yoga safari seem within reach – exotic luxury with just enough adventure for your trainer at home to appreciate.

Overall, this travel company is raising the bar on our idea of what a vacation should be. We love this couple’s reflections on their trek through the Andes below. Let it spark a few vacationing daydreams and then shop the unorthodox catalog at Adventure International to book your next vacay on the next level.

The travellers:

Lindsay Salk and Brian Boyd .

Your destination:

Punta Arenas/Patagonia, Chile.

Purpose of your travels:

Adventure holiday/anniversary. 

Biggest thrill:

Visiting Glacier Grey and having a pisco sour on the boat.

Natural or sustainable elements:

The EcoCamp is fully self-sustaining lodge. Solar-powered, low-impact, you know name it. Set in the most beautiful part of Patagonia! It was incredible. 

Places to stay:

EcoCamp of course!

Where you ate:

At EcoCamp, and also beautiful picnic lunches on our excursions.

Must-have carry alongs:

A camera and a compact, warm jacket!

Must-see at destination:

Las Torres. You’ve probably seen the photos a million times, but in person it’s unbelievable.

Healthy/green travel advice:

Don’t give up your exercise when you travel – even if it’s just a walk. You’ll feel better and enjoy your trip more. Some yoga in your room is a good idea, too.

Top recommendation for this destination:

Torres del Paine National Park. It’s a wonder.

Best travel tip of all time:

Be in the present at your destination because you never know when you’ll be back.

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