Upper Downer Oils

Gotta get higher? There’s an oil for that. Wanna wind down? There’s an oil for that too. Lately we’re obsessed with these moody essential oils blends from sustainable-chic retailer, The Dreslyn, for a little aromatherapy action that gets us to just the right level.

We’re all about staying in balance, but sometimes an energy boost or release is a welcome change — whether it’s a little cardio and a coffee catapult on slothish mornings or a breathwork session followed by a glass of wine to wind down from a stressful day.

We’ve been exploring other easy-to-integrate uppers and downers to play with daily. Check out a few of our fave plant-powered solutions for when you need a jolt, a chill pill or something to get you back to center…


Page Thirty Three ‘Upper Oil’ | This stimulating oil blend features cedarwood, eucalyptus, peppermint and lemon to clear brain fog, brighten your mood and boost those high-flying good feels. LEARN MORE

Matcha | We love our coffee, but nothing compares to the clear, focused energy kick we get from a cup of matcha. When we need an afternoon energy boost that will coast, not crash, this antioxidant-packed pick is our bev of choice. LEARN MORE


Page Thirty Three ‘Downer Oil’ | This calming blend of orange, patchouli, juniperberry, lavender, bulgaria, and cinnamon oils is designed to bring you back down to earth, keeping you chilled out and grounded. LEARN MORE

CBD | This non-psychoactive component of canabis may be derived from the notorious downer, but it won’t hit you the same way. In fact, it won’t get you high at all. It will just quietly work its magic to bust stress and bring you back to balance.  LEARN MORE

Herbal Helpers | Ayurvedic favorites like ashwagandha and astralagus are known for slicing into stress responders. By cutting down our cortisol levels we can see things more clearly. LEARN MORE


Don’t forget about adaptogens! These suckers are designed to do whichever you need. A few of our favorites are…

Reishi | Known as ‘the queen healer,’ this amazing mushroom has a unique ability to see where your body is imbalanced and fill in the gaps. It’s been used for centuries to support stress management and foster energetic equilibrium. LEARN MORE

Rhodiola | This root has a reputation for strengthening the nervous system, fighting fatigue and boosting serotonin production. By bringing more oxygen into the blood, rhodiola helps us feel alert without being wired and at-ease without being sleepy. LEARN MORE

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