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    Fall into the new season in style! From mesh cutouts to the latest designer collabs, we’re pining away for this season’s fitnesswear essentials to help us get fit for fall…and, of course, pinning away all our faves! With three quarters of the year behind us and a seasonal shift mere days away, now more than ever is the time to start fresh and feel fabulous.

    To get you amped up for all things autumn – and to celebrate our Who What Wear guest editors’ Chalkboard debut – we’re hosting a Pinterest contest for you to win some serious seasonal swag: a $500 gift card from Carbon38 to blow on all your favorite Fall fitness fashions, and a three-month subscription to Pressed Juicery (a post-run and post-runway fave alike!) to help keep you hydrated all the way until the holidays!

    Get ready to burn off those summer barbeques in style by pinning your healthy fall must-haves – everything from bright, bold leggings to fall-friendly recipes – then sharing your board with us to enter! We can’t wait to see what you’re coveting, what inspires you, and pick up a few healthy tips along the way. Here’s what you need to do to score everything you need to sweat in style…

    The Chalkboard x Who What Wear Pinterest Contest

    What You'll Win:

    Winner will receive a 3 month subscription from Pressed Juicery + a $500 gift card from Carbon38

    Step 1: Find Us On Pinterest

    Find and follow The Chalkboard Mag, Who What Wear, Pressed Juicery and Carbon38 on Pinterest. Be sure to follow all four!

    Step 2: Create Your Board

    Create a new Pinterest board and title it TheChalkboardxWhoWhatWear.

    Step 3: Pin Your Heart Out!

    Build your board and share what you’re coveting this fall for a healthy season. Pin at least two images from our TheChalkboardxWhoWhatWear Pinterest board along with what’s keeping you inspired this fall. You must include at least two images from our board to be included in the contest – the rest is up to you!

    Step 4: Submit Your Board

    Once you feel your board is complete, all you’ve got to do is let us know! Officially enter the giveaway by leaving a link to your board in the comments below. We’ll announce the winner on Monday, September 22nd!

    Giveaway closes Monday, September 22nd at 5pm PST. Open to continental US residents only. Subscriptions will be delivered to L.A. residents or shipped to those outside the L.A. area. Good luck, readers!

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    1. Siobhan | 09.08.2014 | Reply
    2. Loraine Ellis | 09.08.2014 | Reply
    3. Chloe Quintana | 09.08.2014 | Reply
    4. Karlyn | 09.08.2014 | Reply
    5. heather woodbury | 09.08.2014 | Reply
    6. Tracie | 09.08.2014 | Reply

      I love the changing of the seasons! It feel like a fresh start and a new adventure!

      Jessica | 09.08.2014 | Reply
    8. Charlotte | 09.08.2014 | Reply
    9. Lizzie | 09.08.2014 | Reply
    10. Morgan Forde | 09.08.2014 | Reply
    11. jen | 09.08.2014 | Reply
    12. Robin Miller | 09.08.2014 | Reply

      fantastic giveaway! fall is my favorite season and this would be a huge cherry on top (:

    14. ciara | 09.08.2014 | Reply
    15. I had so much fun pinning for this board. Loved looking through the pins by Chalkboard Mag and PressedJuicery!

    16. This got me excited about all things Fall! Xx

    17. Rachelle | 09.08.2014 | Reply
    18. Chloe | 09.08.2014 | Reply
    19. Thank you! Fall is my favorite season. Crossing my fingers!

    20. What a fun contest! Hey, September 22 just so happens to be my 26th birthday! Happy Birthday to me?! Haha

    21. Maria | 09.08.2014 | Reply
    22. This is my dream contest! Here is my entry.

      Alex Burnstein | 09.09.2014 | Reply
    23. So here is my board, hope you enjoy it as much as i do!

      Victoria Gregory | 09.09.2014 | Reply
    24. Brandy | 09.09.2014 | Reply
    25. Kendall Todd | 09.09.2014 | Reply
    26. Love this contest! Enjoyed visiting all the boards. I’ll be pinning many of the tips to some of my personal fitness boards as well. Thanks for the chance to win:

      Susan Highland | 09.09.2014 | Reply
    27. My fall health goals: eat cleaner, let nature soothe my soul, take adventures to many NYS hiking trails, wear funky leggings to the gym to motivate me more, enjoy football with friends..and overall be the warrior woman I know I can be!

      Kaitlin Wiech | 09.09.2014 | Reply

      my goal for the fall is to get into a healthy routine – focus on the important things in daily life – stay true to myself.

    29. Thank you for this contest! It got me in the spirit of my favorite season as it is upon us. Here is what I’m looking forward to and inspired by this autumn. Enjoy!

    30. Anna Gemind | 09.09.2014 | Reply
    31. Lucy | 09.09.2014 | Reply
    32. Very cool sites and contest!

    33. thanks for the fun contest. (。♡‿♡。)

      here’s my entry:

      alexandra joy | 09.10.2014 | Reply
    34. Kate | 09.10.2014 | Reply
    35. Fabulous impetus to fall back into fitness!


      I loved making this board! My goal for the fall is to heal myself from the inside out, so that I can thrive and live a passionate and inspiring life! 🙂

      Courtney maiorino | 09.10.2014 | Reply
    37. Jennifer Splinter | 09.10.2014 | Reply
    38. Fun contest! Thanks for helping me reflect on my sources of inspiration for healthy living!

      Kyra Hurd | 09.10.2014 | Reply
    39. Inspiring contest for sharing about health, fitness and fashion – my 3 favorite things! Thanks for putting this together and looking forward following all of these boards.

    40. Catherine Ferrino | 09.11.2014 | Reply
    41. gilly | 09.11.2014 | Reply
    42. Thank you for such a wonderful giveaway! I loved making this board, I hope you enjoy!

      Kayleigh | 09.11.2014 | Reply
    43. Susan | 09.12.2014 | Reply

      All things to Fall in love with for Fall! Holistic healing inspiration to live mindfully this holiday season

      hayli smith | 09.12.2014 | Reply
    45. Isabel | 09.13.2014 | Reply
    46. What a great contest collaboration! My goal this fall is to remain calm and stay healthy!

    47. My fall inspirations + favorites.Thanks so much!

      Zoe Waldron | 09.14.2014 | Reply
    48. jennifer h | 09.14.2014 | Reply
    49. What a fun contest! Thank you! 🙂

    50. How fun! Thanks for a few minutes of fun pinning for the last week or so 🙂

    51. Such a wonderful contest!! Love pressed juicery

    52. Jen | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    53. Avery | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    54. Jen Palumbo | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    55. Leslie | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    56. Chelsea | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    57. So grateful for this change of season!

      Emma P | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    58. Loryn | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    59. Here is my entry. I’m so excited about this contest. This company has truly changed my outlook on health and on juicing. Thank you!

      Caitlyn Anaya | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    60. Thank you loves for the fall inspiration!

      Cora Hirashiki | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    61. Thanks so much for putting on this fun contest! Pinning my little heart out! 🙂

      Lauren | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    62. How fun! What a perfect way to get excited for Fall! 🙂

      Lauren Ball | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    63. This is just what I need for my wedding in January… fingers crossed for a win!

    64. This contest is so fun! I’m so happy the Chalkboard mag inspires me to live a healthier lifestyle!! Would love to win to have a fresh start for the fall season!

    65. Debra W | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    66. Love WWWxCarbon38 and who doesn’t love a Pressed Juice!!!

    67. Just had a baby 3 weeks ago! Ready to get back in shape!

    68. Just had a baby 3 weeks ago! Ready to get back in shape!!!

    69. Megan | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    70. this is such a great idea! thank you guys 🙂

      Nikki Vasquez | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    71. Could really use this!!! Plus I love me some pressed juice

      Carolina Chavez | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    72. Carolina Chavez | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    73. Here is the link to my Pinterest board entry! Goodluck ladies! This is a seriously generous giveaway!

    74. pressed is my favorite juice, EVER. I coach gymnastics so I live in workout clothes, I love carbon38!

      Taylor Jacob | 09.16.2014 | Reply

      Love Pressed Juicery! Great cleanse! Love so many of the pins, it’s hard to go through them all without pinning them!

      Rachael Rodriguez | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    76. Carolina Vargas | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    77. Such a fun idea! Can’t wait for cool weather food, workouts and fashion 🙂

    78. My entry!

      Amy | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    79. jasmine | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    80. Fiona Fong | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    81. Janice | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    82. Hello! My Pinterest board is at thank you!!

      Donika Mooney | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    83. Gotta use this board to stay true to myself this fall! xo

      fingers crossed that I’ll win this so Pressed Juicery can keep me on track as I get ready for my wedding! 😀

      Rachel C | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    84. Krystle | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    85. Alicyn | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    86. Katie | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    87. Fall is my favorite time of year because winter is coming! Time to get in snowboarding shape!

      Rachel Friedman | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    88. What an awesome contest! Thanks for the opportunity to get more motivated as well.

      Laura F | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    89. Bethany | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    90. Ann | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    91. Absolutely love this idea for a contest! Would be amazing to try my first juice cleanse with this xox

    92. Such a wonderful and inspiring contest! A perfect way to start the season.

    93. Tee | 09.16.2014 | Reply

      Please choose me! I want to try the Juicery soooo badly!

    95. Really wanting to ditch work and go hiking, now:

      Elisabeth | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    96. Oh my gosh! This would be a great chance to kick start my clean eating and supplement my workout plan and fitness journey I am already on… please please please !!

      Jasmine Chavez | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    97. Ohmy gosh! This would be a great chance to kick start my clean eating and supplement my workout plan and fitness journey I am already on… please please please !!

      Jasmine Chavez | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    98. Rachael | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    99. Was just thinking about doing a major juice overhaul this fall. How Perfect!

      Briana | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    100. Leah Ortega | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    101. Amanda | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    102. I felt so motivated after making this board that I went to the gym!!

    103. Tiffany | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    104. Samantha Crum | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    105. Definitely was contemplating a juice cleanse…need the motivation to start getting healthy and active again! Just and FYI on here you say to name it: thechalkboardxwhowhatwear but on Pinterest it says to name it whowhatwearxthechalkboard…


      What an exciting post! Fall is by far my favorite season and I am so excited to see this contest going on! I try and maintain a healthy lifestyle all throughout the seasons but let me say fall is not easy! Hopefully, with these boards we’ve all created we can get as many people inspired to stay healthy and fabulous throughout this season!  I hope we all get a little inspiration from the wonderful pins!


    107. I can’t afford the juice on my own so I really hope I win. I’m totally ready for a new me this fall.

      Sarah Bethel | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    108. lilah | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    109. so obsessed!
      Cant wait to find out the winner!

      camille goldman | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    110. seda b. | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    111. What a great collab contest by some of my fav websites!

      Sarah L | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    112. Pressed Juicery has been such an important influence in my ‘juicing journey’ and The Juice Book has been similarly inspirational yet practical too. I would be so grateful for 3 months of glorious PJ this fall!


      Haley Wright | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    113. Mazel tov!

      Love always,
      A broke college student

    114. Mazel tov!

      Love always,
      A broke college student

    115. Jewel-toned everything & seasonal yummies. Can’t Wait!

    116. Jewel-toned everything & seasonal yummies. Can’t Wait!

    117. Angela | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    118. Heather | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    119. Cassandra | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    120. Thank you for the opportunity, I hope I win. This was fun!

    121. I just got very excited for fall. Good running weather, beautiful trees, seasonal food, life is good!

    122. Leslie | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    123. Time for a fall cleanse!

    124. I entered! I had so much fun doing this!

      jessica limp | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    125. I love this idea!

    126. Lori | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    127. Love my new pinterest finds 🙂 Attached is my board for entry!

    128. Amanda | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    129. Sara Salem | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    130. Kat | 09.16.2014 | Reply

      Pick me! Young college student making healthy a lifestyle!


      My birthday is the first day of Autumn most of the time 🙂 its my favorite season of the year!

      Vanessa | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    133. Here’s my entry. Seriously crossing my fingers on this giveaway! It’d be so insanely awesome to win!

      Sarah O. | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    134. Lisa | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    135. William Chang | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    136. Kelly | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    137. Candyse | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    138. Beckie | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    139. Wow, what an amazing contest! Thank you for the opportunity. I had so much fun creating my board and checking out everyone else’s! 🙂

      Danica | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    140. Dena K | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    141. Emilee | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    142. Here’s my board! My inspiration is always flexibility, then strength via running, ballet & yoga. Also, looking like a bad-ass superwoman doesn’t hurt.

    143. I would looooove to win this prize! I am newly a mother of 3, I have a 7yr old a 3yr old and a 7week old all girls. I workout and try to stay fit, I workout in front of my daughters to teach them healthy living and a healthy lifestyle and to teach them to love their bodies in every form it takes. Their father and I will be celebrating our 3 year wedding anniversary in November and I would loveeeeee to be in sexy form by then. It would just be a great treat to give him and myself winning this.

    144. I would lovelovelove to win this prize! So many of my favoritesssssss!!!!!

    145. Camille Gingerich | 09.16.2014 | Reply
    146. Azelin Riggs | 09.16.2014 | Reply

      So excited about all of the changes I have been making in my life! I only wish there was a Pressed Juicery near me!

      Marie Gallion | 09.17.2014 | Reply
    148. Love love when September starts and the craziness of summer fades away. I always start a Bikram Yoga 30 day Challenge with my home studio and a clean fresh eating plan with my local farm stand. Fall is perfect!

    149. Pretty prints, open mind, healthy mornings.

      Alexandria | 09.17.2014 | Reply
    150. What a fun and inspiring contest! Definitely ready for fall now!

      Melinda Lewis | 09.17.2014 | Reply
    151. Stacy | 09.17.2014 | Reply
    152. Lindsay | 09.17.2014 | Reply
    153. i LOVE pressed juices! working out clothing and just being healthy! I hope I win this!

    154. i hope i win!


      Fall is my favorite season and I would love it even more with fresh juice and sexy spandex!

    156. Here’s my entry board! What an awesome contest, I would just die! (And look so fantastic while training my classes!)

      Miranda McCage | 09.17.2014 | Reply
    157. Emily | 09.17.2014 | Reply
    158. First board! Thanks for the opportunity.

      Connie | 09.17.2014 | Reply
    159. What a wonderful to celebrate the start of my favorite season!

      McKenzie | 09.17.2014 | Reply
    160. Katherine | 09.17.2014 | Reply
    161. Helped me get into the fall spirit whilst in this hot LA weather (:

      Elena | 09.17.2014 | Reply
    162. Loved this contest! So inspired & ready for fall weather, eats + fashion.

    163. i n s p i r e d b y + c o v e t i n g . . .

      gina conte | 09.17.2014 | Reply
    164. Ashley Melone | 09.17.2014 | Reply
    165. 🙂

    166. Had so much fun making this board…thanks for the inspiration! I even add my own recipes from my blog.

    167. …..just wanted to make sure the link attached!! Thanks!

    168. First of all, I’ve been obsessed with Pressed Juicery for YEARS but was only able to enjoy it when in LA! So thankful for overnight shipments now available!! Secondly, this is a fabulous contest for me to win because it has already inspired and motivated me in new ways to be more fit, more creative and kick butt prepping for my upcoming end of fall wedding!! Woohoo!! This would be the ultimate prize package because OBSESSED with all of these boards and pins! Enjoy! I will continue pinning!

    169. Such a great idea! Fall is my favorite season! My favorite weather, my birthday, and now my upcoming fall Wedding:).
      Not to mention Pressed Juicery is delicious. Have different juices that you cannot find at other companies. One of my favorite’s is the aloe water!

    170. Charlotte | 09.18.2014 | Reply
    171. Risa | 09.18.2014 | Reply
    172. Mona | 09.18.2014 | Reply
    173. Loved this contest! No better way to get myself excited for my absolute favorite season 🙂

    174. Fall inspiration, there’s nothing better!! Loved this contest! Here’s my Board:

      Jennifer S | 09.18.2014 | Reply
    175. Chelsey | 09.19.2014 | Reply
    176. I’m in LOVE with your leggings and capris! Excited to follow your boards and growing my workout closet some more. Seriously – some of your designs are designs I had been thinking up in my head for years….camouflage, leopard prints, the bright colors – all so sassy, fun and energetic – exactly how I want my clients to see me! Woot!

      Cherie | 09.19.2014 | Reply
    177. natalie | 09.19.2014 | Reply
    178. Haley | 09.19.2014 | Reply

      I am a college student in Los Angeles with an obsession with all things pressed juice. I am all about mental and physical health by creating balance and staying mindful. I also love exercise and style. I am on a tight budget, especially because I am saving up for grad school to become a social worker! Winning this contest would fuel my body so that I can have a happy and healthy senior year in school!

    180. Erin S | 09.19.2014 | Reply
    181. Carbon38, Pressed Juicery & Chalkboard Mag are keeping me inspired for fall! Here is my board:

      I love this and I love fall! Thanks so much!

      Shannon Bouknight | 09.19.2014 | Reply
    183. What a great coalition of people/companies coming together for an awesome cause! Thanks guys.

    184. Natalie Steelman | 09.19.2014 | Reply
    185. I loved this contest as a longtime fan of Pressed, TCM, WhoWhatWear and now the newest #1 fan of Carbon 38! Thanks for the inspiration as we transition into Fall and hope you enjoy my board as much as I enjoyed making it!

      Ali Walker | 09.19.2014 | Reply
    186. This is a great contest; I’m a big fan of The Chalkboard Mag, WhoWhatWear and Carbon 38’s designs and I so love Pressed Juices! Thanks for all that you do and I hope to win this contest, this would definitely help me to gather more wonderful workout apparel!

    187. This is a great contest; I’m a big fan of The Chalkboard Mag, WhoWhatWear and Carbon 38′s designs and I so love Pressed Juices! Thanks for all that you do and I hope to win this contest, this would definitely help me to gather more wonderful workout apparel!

    188. danielle | 09.19.2014 | Reply
    189. Anne G | 09.19.2014 | Reply
    190. Janell Mullen | 09.19.2014 | Reply
    191. I’M SO EXCITED!! 🙂 Here’s my entry:

      Rachel Nagel | 09.19.2014 | Reply
    192. What a wonderful way to spend my friday night! I am SO inspired for fall! I put lots of love into my board, I hope everyone enjoys it! I loved learning new things and finding new items through The Chalkboardmag, Carbon38, Who What Wear and as always, PRESSED JUICERY! #FallCleanse

      Natalie Rose | 09.19.2014 | Reply
    193. Beatrice | 09.20.2014 | Reply
    194. To me fall is a time of change- mentally and physically. I’m ready for change!

      Ariana Clare | 09.20.2014 | Reply
    195. Yay for fall!!!!

    196. Ok I think I finally added my board! 🙂

      Sandy Blanco | 09.20.2014 | Reply
    197. My inspiration board is finally ready! Bring it on @PressedJuicery!

      Olivia Barth | 09.20.2014 | Reply
    198. Hayley | 09.20.2014 | Reply
    199. Such a great board idea. Very inspired while making it and will continue to add more pins to it.

    200. Linda Nguyen | 09.20.2014 | Reply
    201. Kaitlyn Smith | 09.20.2014 | Reply

      Inspired me. Hope it inspires you all as well! XO

      Katt Holbrook | 09.21.2014 | Reply
    203. Fitness + Superfoods + Fashion = a great Fall!
      My fall inspiration board xx

      cara sanvicente | 09.21.2014 | Reply
    204. Thanks for giving me an extra excuse to get inspired for fall! Ready for a new fresh season with this board!

    205. Thanks for giving me an extra excuse to get inspired for fall! Ready for a new fresh season with this board!

    206. Fall is my favorite season & never give up when the seasons are changing! This inspired me to stay encouraged with a fresh start ! Hope you enjoy ! xx jess

      Jessica | 09.21.2014 | Reply
    207. Alexandra Rymal | 09.21.2014 | Reply
    208. Barbara R. | 09.21.2014 | Reply
    209. Ashley Costelow | 09.21.2014 | Reply
    210. I loved this challenge! Hope you like my board as well!

      Stephanie Krasnov | 09.21.2014 | Reply
    211. Fall into my board, and expect great things!

    212. Fall into my board, and expect great things!

    213. Micaela Gonzalez | 09.21.2014 | Reply
    214. Helen Haile | 09.21.2014 | Reply
    215. Thank you so much for the opportunity to pin, shop & win really unique and beautiful workout clothes. I could hardly stop pinning! I also enjoyed reading about the Pressed Juicery beverages.

      Christine | 09.21.2014 | Reply
    216. Check out my board for fall-inspired, food, fashion, beauty, and more..! xx

    217. Charlie Denman | 09.21.2014 | Reply
    218. Loving my fall inspo

      Lisa | 09.21.2014 | Reply
    219. First of all, I’ve been obsessed with Pressed Juicery for YEARS but was only able to enjoy it when in LA! So thankful for overnight shipments now available!! Secondly, this is a fabulous contest for me to win because it has already inspired and motivated me in new ways to be more fit, more creative and kick butt prepping for my upcoming end of fall wedding!! Woohoo!! This would be the ultimate prize package because OBSESSED with all of these boards and pins! Enjoy! I will continue pinning!

    220. Eleni Murillo | 09.22.2014 | Reply
    221. Meghan Goetz | 09.22.2014 | Reply
    222. Melanie | 09.22.2014 | Reply
    223. Elizabeth | 09.22.2014 | Reply
    224. Celina | 09.22.2014 | Reply
    225. Dalit | 09.22.2014 | Reply
    226. This was a lovely way to get in the mood for autumn. Thanks for such a unique and great challenge.

    227. Arati | 09.22.2014 | Reply
    228. Fall <3

    229. Thank you for this thrilling opportunity! Enjoy!

    230. Jennifer Conrad | 09.22.2014 | Reply
    231. Loving all the inspiration!

    232. Valeria d | 09.22.2014 | Reply

      The Chalkboard Team | 09.23.2014 | Reply
    234. Thank you SO much! SO excited and grateful for this opportunity!!!

      Zoe Waldron | 09.23.2014 | Reply
    235. I’m so confused.. there were so many better, more creative boards! Well, thanks to everyone for making the boards, I learned a lot and found a lot of really great stuff on many of your boards!

      Natalie | 09.23.2014 | Reply
      • It’s probably a random pick, doubtful they actually took into consideration what we actually “pinned”. Trust me getting us to follow their boards was just a marketing scheme and for us to pin their products. They counted how many entries and threw them into a lottery… she just happened to be the lucky winner.

      • Hi Natalie! We love creating Pinterest contests because we truly enjoy looking through all our readers’ boards and what inspires them – we are just as Pinterest-obsessed as they are! We loved the images the winner pinned on her Fall board. We’ll be holding another contest soon, and hope you’ll enter!

        The Chalkboard | 09.29.2014 | Reply
    236. Did they ever announce the winner? I’m still adding to mine even though the contest is over because I love my board so much.

    237. Oh I see, they did. Pretty shocked. She had like…10 pins. Well, it was fun anyway.

    238. Wait a minute, I don’t even see her entry above. But through Pinterest there’s a Zoe Waldron that is their social media manager. If that’s the case this is horribly fishy.

      McKenzie | 10.01.2014 | Reply
    239. Hi readers, Team TCM here. We truly love creating these Pinterest contests and seeing the kinds of images, quotes, and pieces of inspiration our readers love most. To clarify re: the comment above, the winner is not our social media manager (you’re right, that would be super fishy, and completely out of character!) and was chosen because we enjoyed the images she pinned on her board. We have so many contests in the works – Pinterest and otherwise – as the holidays approach, and sincerely hope you will keep entering and sharing your insight + inspirations with both us and other TCM readers!

      Thank you for being so engaged and having each others’ backs. We’ve got such a special community here on TCM, one for which we are so grateful (especially when the internet can sometimes be a nasty or impersonal place).

      In good health, The Chalkboard Team

      The Chalkboard | 10.02.2014 | Reply

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