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we recently attended a dinner at the home of Our Place founder, Shiza Shahid. To the delight of every guest around her dining room table, Shiza unveiled the brand’s latest drop, the Wonder Oven and proceeded to serve us a five course meal. From oysters to pastries — everything we ate was cooked in the new appliance!

Here’s everything you need to know about the new kitchen drop, plus several other new products for home chefs launching this summer that we’ve already fallen in love with…

Our Place Wonder Oven | If you’ve already got the the Always Pan (in several colors), you’re going to love the Wonder Oven — Our Place’s first kitchen appliance that promises to reach cult status fast. Not only is the oven adorable (photo above!), it’s wildly useful, providing 6 functions from air fryer to steam infusion. The smart little oven takes up less counter space than most toaster ovens, can roast an entire chicken, and air fries Brussels sprouts like nobody’s business. Be the first in your cookbook club to snag the oven and consider the limited edition shade, Spice to maximize the cute factor!

material salt sphere | Speaking of kitchen brands we’re devoted to, Material Kitchen has become a staple in our homes thanks to their well-designed knives and thoughtful cooking tools. This summer, the brand is launching a small curation of ‘Material Objects’ starting with this beautiful Salt Sphere — a salt cellar that’ll keep your Celtic, Himalayan or flake salt handy in style. We love the spherical shape, detachable fluted base and maple or walnut options. Keep this beauty stove-side or bring it to the table as a lovely alternative to a traditional salt shaker. Tap through to see the Salt Sphere in action.

CarawayHome TanFrance

Caraway’s Tan France Collection | Celebrity collabs are always fun, but they don’t always add any discernible value to the existing products. Not so with Caraway’s Tan France collection! Bringing his beloved taste and style to things, Tan helped design three completely monochromatic new colorways to the ceramic cookware sets and we’re drooling for them. If you’re looking to take your modern-natural kitchen to the next level, check out the fully mono pans, pots and lids in Creme or Moss while these special edition pieces are still in stock.

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ALMOND COW | It’s not new this summer, but if you missed our moment with the Almond Cow last year, you really shouldn’t miss it. The Almond Cow is an automatic nut milk maker we’ve become obsessed with. Add your own blend of almonds, coconut, cashews, hazelnuts, hemp or chia seeds (the options are near endless!) to create any nut milk of your choice. Once you add your ingredients, the device blends automatically, meaning you can step away to address all the other demands of the morning without a second thought. Lately, we’ve been making this nut milk recipe for our morning coffee and a simple almond, cashew, cinnamon blend for afternoon smoothie.

the beast blender | The tall, slim design of the Beast makes it the perfect fit for daily use and, again, actually looks so cute that it inspires us to blend something up.

Make your green protein smoothies, nut butters, salad dressing, vegan pestos and anything else you’re often making in the kitchen lately without taking up a huge amount of counter space. The slimline machine blends better and looks sleeker than the bullet version we’ve so often reached for.

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