We can tell you stories of amazing health transformations, details about what the body is doing when it’s on a cleanse and all about how great we feel after five days of green juice, but at the end of the day, most of you want to hear it from an MD. So, here it is, in granular detail, the benefits of detoxification and juice cleansing from a doctor we trust.

In his new book, The Detox Prescription, Dr. Merrell is breaking down the juice cleanse, one of the most accessible detoxification methods out there, and how engaging in a cleanse can transform your life. A few of our top health heros, from Kris Carr to Dr. Oz are weighing in on this new manual, Dr. Mark Hyman calls it a “roadmap for breakthrough well-being”. We’re ready and willing to get on that path and hope more than a few of you will discover it for yourselves as well. Read Dr. Merrell’s well-researched notes below and being making detoxification – whether through yoga, stress-reduction, meditation or a good juice cleanse – a part of your on-going lifestyle.

give your digestive system a rest

By drinking only whole-food juices, you’re reducing the amount of input and stress on your gut. This allows your body to heal and recharge, while also flooding it with vital phytonutrients. You’re giving your body time to play catch-up while pressing reset on your health.

Abundant energy

Within 48 hours you’ll really start to feel the difference – you’ll discover a new inner buoyancy, and within 72 hours you’ll feel energized, enlivened, and engaged. Flooding the body with nutrients in their natural form creates real lasting energy – not the short-lived rush (and often subsequent crash) we get from coffee, sugar, etc. It does this by not only providing more efficient toxin removal, but by giving more of the nutritional building blocks we need to heal and grow with abundant energy left over, rather than being perpetually drained.

Inflammation be gone

Multiple studies conducted in Scandinavia in the 1990s proved irrefutably that juice cleanses followed by a vegan diet could powerfully reduce inflammation in the body. Chronic inflammation is your body’s response to the many environmental toxins we absorb through the air we breathe, food we eat, water we drink and products we use. When you cut all of that out, while at the same time adding the power of the nutrients readily available in juices, you promote optimum toxin removal and cell repair. Switching to a plant-based diet has been shown to reduce allergies, arthritis, IBS and even cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases.

Your tastebuds will thank you

After only three days of juicing, you’ll be surprised at how alive your taste buds become. You’ll no longer crave the creamy salad dressing, because a salad dressed with just simple lemon juice and avocado will taste more flavorful than you could ever imagine.   

Real, healthy weight loss

When you cut out harmful toxic foods, saturated fats and empty refined carbs, and replace these with organic whole-food juices you’ll naturally lose weight. Only a part of this is water retention. A 3-day juice cleanse is also an ideal way to jumpstart a diet because it helps control and reduce your appetite in the long-term.


In my practice, more than 50% of people come in relatively dehydrated – consuming well under the 5-6 glasses of non-caffeinated, minimally sweetened beverages they need to have daily. Drinking adequate fluids makes the body function more efficiently, improves energy, and helps remove toxins more effectively.

Reduce chronic ailments

So much of the time our bodies are fighting off our toxic behaviors, contaminated environment, and poor food choices (packaged processed food, foods with additives, etc). When you give your body a break, you’ll see regular symptoms like headaches, general aches, congested sinuses, fatigue, rashes, bloating/cramping/gas start to go away.

Improved skin tone

As positive outlook, better hydration, removing toxins and flooding your cells with healing nutrients begins to transform how you feel and look, you should see a positive transformation in your complexion as well.

Win the book!

We’re giving away one copy of Dr. Merrell’s The Detox Prescription! Leave your comment below and tell us your best juice cleansing tip or insight and may the best reader comment win!

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  1. I’ve always heard that you should ease into a cleanse by cutting out dairy, caffeine, gluten – all the things you won’t be able to eat during or after – a couple days prior to just going straight to juice. I find it really hard to cut everything out at once, so the best solution I have found is to start by cutting out one thing at a time. First I cut out dairy, which I generally stay away from anyway, then a few days later I’ll also cut out gluten and finally I’ll cut out my morning coffee. Then a couple days later I start my cleanse. By gradually removing food groups instead of going cold turkey, I don’t feel like I am depriving myself and it is much easier to stick to my cleanse!

    Brittany | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  2. I am already a pretty clean eater, but have found that doing a number of vegan days and 2 days or so of raw vegan eating prior can really get your body prepared for a juice cleanse. I find that it helps to have already eliminated some cravings, and to be sure that most of the junk is out of your system before beginning. And always chew your juice! It activates digestion and helps with mental “hunger.” Happy detoxing!

    Laura | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  3. My husband I did this 3-day juice cleanse a few weeks ago (straight from eating what we normally eat) and while the first day presented a few on-and-off headaches as our bodies and bellies adjusted, I was surprised at how quickly we acclimated to the total juice diet. We both felt less hungry than we anticipated and actually, by day three, were so acclimated that I wasn’t dying to eat regular food. Easing back to eating solid food via the vegan diet for a few days was a nice, smooth transition back because our digestive systems had certainly been transformed in those three days and needed to be eased back gradually.

    Elizabeth | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  4. I have collected smoothie and juice recipes, and I have the proper equipment, but have never put myself on a regular detox. I am committed to doing so, and would love a copy of this book!

    Jo Anne Kindler | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  5. I have been reading up on Dr. Esselstyne’s diet #1. He does not believe juicing is necessary, as it takes the fiber out of healthy fruits and vegetables, and even grain. I pretty much do not eat dairy, meat, and gluten. I greatly restrict oil. I’m not sure juicing is necessary from reading Dr. esselstyne’s book .

    Cindy | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  6. I have done numerous cleanses over the years and just a couple of months ago, I did my first juice cleanse. LOVED it! I would recommend to ease off coffee and any refined foods a few days prior so that you can reap the benefits of a juice cleanse (opposed to going through caffeine withdrawal). I found the juices so nourishing that I was never hunger – just had to work through the psychological mind stuff on the habit of eating and chewing. Get ready to feel amazing and energized!

    Erica Blitz | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  7. I like to start my morning off with a juice consisting of lemon juice, fresh turmeric, fresh ginger, coconut water, cayenne pepper and vanilla bean. I feel energized and ready to start the day! I would love a copy of The Detox Prescription.

    LAURA | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  8. I want to be a better, cleaner eater and I know this is not an overnight process and it’s a lifetime commitment. I have tried my first Pressed Juicery one day juice cleanse last month. I hope to work my way eventually to a 3 or 5 day cleanse, but I think in order to do so, I need to cut out the refined and processed foods out of my life. For a lot of you, it seems pretty easy, but for me, it is a challenge and it takes little steps to do so.

    Evangelene | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  9. I noticed the comment above about juicing takes the nutrients out. There is some validity to that, however it looked as though this program juiced the whole food itself. I would guess that’s why he said there was 1200 calories for the day. I looked and looked for the exact recipes. I’d love to win the book so I could find out!


    Debbie Dobbins | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  10. I have done one juice cleanse in the past with my mother. We made our own concoctions in my lovely Breville Fountain, and it was such a fun experience! But I think we incorporated too many sugary fruits because I found myself “crashing” and even craving more sweet juice (like pineapple, watermelon and basil juice- nirvana in a glass!). I also think we were consuming way too much juice, it wasn’t really separated into meals. Yet even with all these mistakes, I noticed my skin looking a little brighter and and my eyes a little whiter. It was a good reset, but with a few errors. Next time: more greens!

    Naomi | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  11. My best tip is to keep your mind open for cleansing on all levels. Practice yoga/meditation, start dry brushing, examine areas of your life that may be in need of change. Drinking the juices will lead to numerous physical benefits that you will feel but one of my favorite things about cleansing is how it encourages me to ‘cleanse’ my life in so many other ways as well!

    Donna F. | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  12. My biggest tip is to not get discouraged, even if you don’t follow all the rules exactly. The first time doing a cleanse is TOUGH, but if you do your best and believe in yourself then you will reap all the benefits! It’s a new year, so don’t sell yourself shorter than reaching your full potential of health and happiness!

    Deanna | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  13. I can’t wait to read this book – whether I win it or not….but would love to win! Favorite juice; 4 huge leaves Kale, 3 stalks celery, .5 cup of cucumber, cube of ginger, 2 small carrots, 1/2 lemon. So clean – so delicious.

    mari | 01.07.2014 | Reply
  14. I do not think that the importance of having a vegan and gluten free diet for at least a week before cleansing can be stressed enough. This will help with being able to function during a cleanse, which is important because especially when you buy a cleanse, only drinking saves on meal time and makes a busy day much easier. In order to truly use that free time well, you can’t be sick at home with an upset stomach and headaches. By eating well before hand, you’ll get so much more out of a cleanse. My other tip would definitely be to stay out of the grocery store. 😉

    Josie Alex | 01.08.2014 | Reply
  15. During the dreary winter months I like to start my mornings with a bright juice of 2 oranges, 2 carrots, a 1-inch piece of fresh ginger, and half of a yellow or orange bell pepper. It’s bright, delicious, and helps keep the winter colds at bay.

    Suzy | 01.08.2014 | Reply
    • That sounds good. I might try this one today. Thanks!

      Jennie | 01.09.2014 | Reply
  16. After all the stress of the holidays and some if the not so good eating this would be a great time to cleanse and rejuvenate . I have been looking forward to trying a cleanse and winning the book would get me going. As I really have never done one before have read a lot about it . I’ve detoxes from sugar and don’t do much dairy . Winning the book would be the support I need for a cleanse .Looking forward to it

    Donna | 01.08.2014 | Reply
  17. Completing your first juice cleanse is probably the easiest in the summer. Starting with a 3 day in my opinion is ideal. We naturally want a cool refreshing drink and that is when produce is more readily in season. I find it is harder to cleanse in the winter because I crave warm beverages and with longer nights I really have a hard time giving up my morning cup of java.

    Jennie | 01.09.2014 | Reply
  18. Lots of rest and lemon water!

    Jess E. | 01.09.2014 | Reply
  19. Just getting started…I dont really have any tips yet but maybe this book will help me get on the right road 🙂

    tarah | 01.10.2014 | Reply
  20. I think it’s important for people to know that when you detox (think even if you try a new facial product that will clear toxins in that respect) you may find your complexion breaking out, and you may feel sick and this shouldn’t discourage you (of course you should consult with a doctor before any drastic diet change) because this most likely (I’m not a medical doctor so don’t rely on me here–this comes from my extensive detox research) will make you break out, feel sluggish at first, or even feel as if you have the flu… this is all just the process of the toxins leaving your body and as I started this comment, don’t let this discourage you or make you think “CRAP this isn’t working” because this very well could just be the indication that the detox IS working!! So YES, as noted in the book chronic problems will become better BUT this may not be the case RIGHT AWAY….. I THINK THIS IS SO IMPORTANT TO NOTE (and once again, the disclaimer that one should see a doctor before a MAJOR diet change–I’m a vegetarian and juice diets or raw eating are not new to me but if I found myself throwing up during a cleanse I would definitely see that as a sign that something is wrong–obviously my body is getting rid of SOMETHING but it’s also losing the nutrients the “juice detox” is trying to add in the first place). Hope everyone has a STELLAR year and meets whatever goals they set and more!!

    Karen | 01.10.2014 | Reply
  21. I’m so excited about this book! Recently, I was diagnosed with a chronic illness. My research suggested that a vegan, gluten-free diet would help. So, I changed my diet a few months ago and found some relief. Unfortunately, I’ve plateaued. I really believe a juice fast is the next step for me. This book promises to give me the direction necessary to embark on this journey in a safe and responsible way. Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway and for highlighting Dr. Merrell’s work.

    Elizabeth V. | 01.10.2014 | Reply
  22. Looking forward to reading this new book! I drink a green smoothie everyday but have never done a detox. I know it must be beneficial in so many ways. Trying to live a healthy lifestyle is the way to go! Small changes add up to a better life.

    Cherie | 01.11.2014 | Reply

    The Chalkboard | 01.13.2014 | Reply
  24. i’m a vegan but also recovering from an eating disorder. juices (and salads) are definitely the best way to recover well because there’s no guilt attached and you can actually feel your cells filling up with life when you drink a glass of green juice! thanks for the inspiration!

  25. I just started juicing for my morning meal and I am surprised I am not starving by lunch. I may have to try the 3-day cleanse next.

    jill | 01.21.2014 | Reply
  26. I am in the first 48 hours of juicing, let me tell you it is a fascinating story. I have juiced before but in a different manner. My first juicing journey started with tomatoes, celery, apples and spirulina. All of these vegetables were bought in a regular supermarket and they were not organic. I did loose a lot of weight and felt pretty good overall, then I stopped juicing went into a vegan diet. I started eating badly in the past 4 months, and a couple of days ago I regain sanity and became a lot more conscious of the harm I was doing to my body. This juicing experience is a different story. I went to WFM and decided that I needed to get the most nutritious vegetables according to the ANDY score chart. So I bought a lot of Kale, Swiss Chard, Baby Spinach, Ginger, Mustard Greens, Collard Greens, Spirulina, Psyllium Husk, Orange Juice and Coconut Water just to give it some taste and about 8 oz of water to make it thinner. The result is an amazing feeling of vibrant energy trough my body, clear thought, better mood, improved speech, better posture. It is amazing how bless we are of living in such a magical body that reacts almost instantly to different distress that we happen to experience. Blessings to all.

    Esteban | 01.30.2014 | Reply
  27. I learned a lot about nutrition during massage school. My husband and I started juicing last week and were feeling better and have much more energy. It’s not a struggle to get up in the morning. My already large garden is now going to be expanded so we can grow more vegetables. I recommend juicing to everyone I know. I also like to add Chia seeds and sometimes a sprinkle of flax seed – all organic.

    Melony | 03.25.2014 | Reply
  28. When you take care of and nourish yourself, life opens up. A juice cleanse is the first step of renewing your mind, body and soul. Its the perfect reset and I have been doing a juice cleanse through Pressed Juicery every season for a few years now. It will forever be a part of my life. While I always start each day with a green juice, a 3-5 day seasonal cleanse has really set a great foundation for health for me. I always look forward to it. I also will do an additional one if I feel like need a good reset at any time. i have terrible digestion and have had some health issues within my gut the past year and I have found that a juice cleanse is almost like sending my ‘insides’ to the spa. I always feel my best when my body and digestion gets a break. Nothing feels better than flooding my body with beautiful things. The effects of a juice cleanse really do radiate throughout your whole life <3 Its a beautiful thing <3

  29. A few of the benefits stated seem a bit controversial. For instance, it says that you should give your digestive system a break and by doing so, you’ll “reduce the amount of input and stress on your gut.” This statement suggests we over work our gastrointestinal (GI) system; however, nutritionist Tricia Psota at the USDA Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion states that our GI tract naturally detoxes our bodies and “the best way to keep it in shape is to use it.”
    In addition, Dr. Merrelll states that juicing is a real, healthy way to weight loss. Cutting calories and restricting oneself to liquids for 3-, 5-, or 7-days can hardly be seen as healthy. Although one might receive a number of nutrients from the vegetable and fruit juices themselves, this is not a solution to long term weight loss. In fact, strict diets such as juice cleanses can cause addiction and aid in the development of eating disorders. According to Timberline Knolls, a treatment center for eating disorders, juicing has often been used to mask one’s anorexia. In some cases, the extreme diet has even become what is known as “juicerexia”—the addiction to consuming only juices due to the fear of gaining weight.
    Lastly, the lengthy list of benefits provided by Dr. Merrell attempts to influence the reader to engage in a juice cleanse. In the article, it states that Dr. Merrell is a doctor they trust. While the Chalkboard Mag, owned by Pressed Juicery, introduces Dr. Merrell’s new book, “The Detox Prescription”, Dr. Merrell is also indirectly marketing Pressed Juicery’s very own juices and cleanse programs. Therefore, one might want to think twice about the reliability of the statements before jumping into doing a juice cleanse.

  30. I love juice cleanses. I’ve only done a few of them, but, yes, my body feels amazing and ‘clean and light’ afterward. It’s a total reset and it puts your brain in a different mindset about what you’re putting in your body. I’m certainly not perfect, but I DO know that I feel better when I eat clean.!

    Traceybea | 04.28.2016 | Reply

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