One Day Detox: 8 Ayurvedic Ideas To Add To Your Routine

We love to bring you a wealth of perspectives on detox and cleansing. Wellness coach Nadya Andreeva of Spinach and Yoga has the in on traditional Ayurvedic practices and we love the idea of integrating a few of these ancient ideas into our daily routines. Follow Nadya’s plan for a full day of cleansing or just jot down a few of her tips for making detox an everyday kind of thing!  

Detox doesn’t have to mean lots of expensive supplements, complicated recipes, or starvation. A simple nourishing diet without allergens, lots of hot herbal teas, enough rest, and a few other cleansing practices that we will discuss below will allow your body to recharge and rest. A good way to stimulate the detox process in the body is with a diet full of greens, spices, and warm herbal teas. The juice recipe below includes tons of mineral and vitamin-rich young greens, digestion stimulating and blood sugar-balancing spices: cinnamon and ginger; and bloating preventing fennel.

Here is my simple plan for a full day of gentle Ayurvedic cleansing. Work this day-long schedule into your calendar every so often or simply add some of these details to your routine during a detoxifying juice cleanse!

  • A Day's Worth of Ayurvedic Detox

  • Upon Waking:

    Tongue scraping
    Detox tea
    Stretching, yoga, or cardio

  • Breakfast:

    Oatmeal, chia pudding, or eggs

  • Snack:

    Berries or other low glycemic fruit

  • Lunch:

    Your biggest meal: lentil soup, lean protein with roasted or steamed veggies

  • Pre-Dinner

    Bath soak with Epson salt, ginger and baking soda

  • Dinner:

    Keep it light with soup, veggie curry or fish

  • Before bedtime:

    Gratitude journal
    Guided relaxation before sleep

  • Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse Juice

    ● 1/2 bunch of parsley
    ● 4 leaves of Swiss Chard
    ● 1/2 pink grapefruit
    ● 1/2 cucumber
    ● 2” ginger
    ● 2 green stalks fennel
    ● Dash of cinnamon

    Juice and sip slowly! If you are feeling a need to intensify the cleansing power of this juice, add a few stalks of dandelion. This amazing weed has some amazing super powers when it comes to detox and weight loss.

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