Peak holiday shopping season is upon us! We’re asking some of our favorite tastemakers to share what they’re giving and getting this year, as well as how they’re giving back. Todd Barket of Unionmade Goods showcased his specific brand of relaxed elegance, yogi Tara Stiles shared her thoughtful picks; now we have Clare Vivier of the timelessly classic Clare V. handbag line letting us in on her tasteful picks. Clare’s handbags are flying off the shelves and her new holiday bags are sure to as well. With new e-commerce partnerships and a brand new store on trendy Elizabeth Street in New York, she’s busy as ever with no signs of slowing down. Read on for her holiday favorites including Love Adorned, Steven Alan, Thomas Sires and of course Clare V…

In my stocking I hope to find...

A new fountain pen.

I've been looking for the perfect...

Black leather jacket.

The gift I'm giving everyone:

Hate to say it, but a lot of CV bags.

Favorite places for holiday shopping:

Elizabeth Street in New York, so I can swing into Steven Alan, Aesop, Love Adorned, Thomas Sires and Clare V.

Person I splurge on:

My son and my husband.

Tradition I love the most:

Ice skating on the frozen lake in front of my sister’s house in Minnesota.

On my list every year:

Fancy socks.

The best gift I ever received:

A watch from my father that I still wear everyday.

The children in my life are getting...

Video games and art supplies.

It's not the holidays without:

Going to Minnesota.

I always look forward to a gift from...

My sister.

Wrap it up:

Usually it’s craft paper with an overabundance of string, ribbon and fabric pom poms thrown in.

Favorite gift as a child:

I remember one time I got a boxed set of records of Motown’s Greatest Hits and I thought I was so grownup because I got to play my own records on the record player.

How I'm giving back:

I always love giving to PSArts and the programs they support.

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