We love fresh office supplies, but here at our L.A. HQ, a tray full of beauty products also qualifies as an essential office supply right along side the tacks and paperclips.

In the spirit of previous On My Desk roundups (explore and get inspired!) here are a few items in our offices – selected by our Editorial Director, Suzanne Hall – that we think are just too pretty not to share…

on my desk

A Tray for Beauty Products | No matter what you’re working with on your desk – whether it be paper, product or, like us, a little range of holistic skincare for review – a tray always visually elevates things. Corral loose papers in a legal pad-sized tray and gather other scattered objects on trays that might otherwise be used for serving food. Bonus points: you can easily make space on your desk for lunch or special projects without reorganizing everything – just set the tray aside!


Himalayan Salt Lamp | Pink salt lamps keep the office air charged with energy-boosting ions, and the soft rosy glow is an instant mood upgrade for morning email marathons. One of our favorite nutritionists (and Chalkboard contributors) Kelly LeVeque gave us this beauty so could keep one in the office at all times!  CHECK OUT HERE

Copper Water Bottle | An unlined copper water bottle seeps mood-boosting minerals into your water all day for better hydration. Plus, could it be any cuter? We caused a stir when we shared these Ayurvedic bottles with readers last year; if you haven’t scooped one up yet, grab one at the link below!  CHECK OUT HERE

Russel & Hazel Lucite Box + Calling Cards | These small cards pack a big punch. Jot down a note to yourself as you pop out the door, use them as tiny to-do lists or in lieu of sticky notes to leave a message on a colleague’s desk.  CHECK OUT HERE

Herbivore Coco Rose Lip Balm | The best thing about the natural beauty brands we love to cover is that they make great desk objects too. This coconut rose lip balm from all-natural Herbivore is too pretty (and smells too good) to just throw in a drawer.  CHECK OUT HERE

Natural Supplements | Truth be told, our office has a smoothie and supplement closet that matches our beauty closet in size, but a few products that are always nice to keep at arm’s length include supplements like Catalyst Gold to ensure a daily dose of nutrients. Other favorites are Garden of Life b-complex and Chinese tinctures from Jing Herbs.


A Woven Tray + A Great Bag | No trays were harmed in the making of this story, but we don’t deny putting them to work. This woven grass tray makes the perfect deskside spot for day bags, totes full of snacks, keys and other items for easy grab-and-go. It also helps you protect your leather goods, like this top handle tote by new L.A. designer, Donatienne.


LITE + CYCLE Soy Candle | Lite + Cycle’s pretty gold-topped candles burn clean without toxic fumes. Their gold etched lids also double as a chic little coaster.  CHECK OUT HERE

Blackbird Incense Pyres | If we’re not burning candles or diffusing oils, these exotic mini incense cones from artisan brand, Blackbird, do the trick to fill the office with a reviving yet cozy scent.  CHECK OUT HERE

Morihata Bamboo + Charcoal Air Filter | This charcoal filter is an art object unto itself, but also does a great job cleaning the air and keeping it pure.  CHECK OUT HERE

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