What happens when fine dining vibes rendezvous with rural neighborhood-y ones in the heart of Brooklyn? Olmsted is what happens – a new backyard-farm-to-table eatery in Prospect Heights. This seasonally driven gem is co-owned by two friends – one is a farmer, the other has a Michelin-starred resume – and built on the concept of making memorable dishes for those with a high-level palate but a mid-level, nine-to-five budget.

We cannot get enough of the restaurant’s back patio mini-farm (which features fruit trees, rows of veggies, and even a tiny pond for watercress and live crawfish) – but the real star of Olmsted is the food. Eater editor, Kat Odell popped into Olmsted for a bite of the buzz. From veggie-forward finger food starters, to an ethereal rendition of fro yo, here are the first-hand deets on this spot to watch…

What I Ate: Olmsted’s frozen honey yogurt dessert.

Why I ate It: Imagine the flavor of tangy, creamy Greek yogurt, whipped into a light cloud and then frozen, imbued with the flavor of perfumey, floral honey.

Why You Need It: Newbie Olmsted is going to be a restaurant to watch this year. Greg Baxtrom – an alum of Per Se, Alinea, Blue Hill at Stone Barns and Atera (nbd) – is serving a refined seasonal menu of affordable plates under $24. Early standouts were pickled then fried fiddlehead ferns; an incredibly delicate tranche of perfectly cooked trout; and the guinea hen two ways: roasted and confit, with ramps and morels. But! Don’t miss dessert! Pro move: Ask to eat this frozen honey yogurt dessert out on the lush, romantical garden patio.

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